The Pelion is a mountainous peninsula that plunges into the sea, famous for its long jagged coast there are numerous small beaches with an emerald green sea mostly of white pebbles.

The region of Thessaly occupies most of central and eastern Greece, it is surrounded by the mountains of Pindo and extends to the Aegean sea. In this region’s plains during the Neolithic one of the most modern societies that have ever lived until then decided to establish here.

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In ancient Greece it was considered one of the most important places of the old world. Nowadays it is mostly famous for its natural beauties such as the pinnacles of the Meteora with their monasteries and the peninsula of Peli. The mountains and lush grasslands near Eòàti are the perfect destination if you love nature.

What to see in Thessaly

Whether you choose to visit Larissa, Karditsa or Trikala in the region of Thessaly you will find many surprises. There are many things to do and to see like the beautiful landscapes of the coasts and mountains of this region. For example you will have the chance to see the peaks covered in snow on the high mountains, the lovely coast of Pelion, the magical lake of Plastira and an area full of natural beauties that you will immediately love.

The majestic mountain of the centaurs and the marvelous village of Pelio (or Pelion) are the perfect combination between the green and lush nature of the mountain with the yellow and blue colors of the Aegean sea by the coast. If you love the sea the Olympic city of Volos, one of the nicest and most visited cities of the region, is the perfect place for you.

Mostly covered in mountains Trikala is a paradise for people looking for an adventure. From the old villages with a traditional architecture to the high mountains covered in snow and surrounded by tall trees, finishing with world heritage sites that can’t be usually admired.

Don’t miss the village of Aspropotamos, the monasteries of Meteora (where the most important community of monks in the whole of Greece live) and the localities of Elàti, Pertouli and Trikala. This beautiful region has wonderful mountains, long flowing rivers and many tourists that gather from all over the world to visit this part of Greece. Thanks to its rich history and culture you will experience a truly unique experience.

The beaches of Tessaglia

The most famous beach in Thessaly is probably Pelio as it has turquoise waters and a mix of fine sand and pebbles. Some other truly nice beaches are the following: Horefto, Ai Ioannis, Papa Nero, Damouhari, Fakistra, Mylopotamos and Potistika. In the Sporades you will find beaches that are famous throughout the world for their beauty. The beaches of Koukounaries and Lalaria in Skiathos , the beaches of Kastani, Panormos, Milia, Stafylos and Velanio in Skopelos, and last but not least Agios Dimitrios in Alonissos.

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