A historical region of Greece with different landscapes than the white houses and blue domes: this is the barren Peloponnese with dream beaches, archaeological sites and millenary history.

The Peloponnese is a geographical area of Mainland Greece located in the southern part of the Hellenic peninsula. It is an island connected to the mainland in two points: the Canal of Corinth and the Rio Antirio bridge. The Peloponnese is surrounded by the sea and has some very high mountains in its center. Since the old days it has been an important area for Greece and the main scenery of many Greek battles.

Peloponnese, a wonderful region to explore during the year

Peloponnese is a wonderful region rich with history. It has many interesting archeological sites, traditional villages and fabulous beaches. Besides Olimpia, Epidauro and Micene that are considered some of the best archeological sites in the whole of Greece.

The best destinations to choose from are Nauplia, Monemyasia, Gythio and Pilos. Many boat trips start in Athens and are a great chance to explore the region in depth. In the southern part of the region there are also two wonderful islands: Elafonissos and Kythira (that is part of the Ionian islands). Monemvasia is probably the most impressive city in the Peloponnese. It is actually a castle-city that was entirely created and sculpted out of the rock.

Nafplion, Gythio and Pylos are wonderful inhabited centers with a medieval architecture that also offer a wonderful view of the sea. If you decide to rent a vehicle you will also have the chance to explore the region’s most hidden areas and villages. This region is one of the few places in Greece that are popular also during winter. The villages of Kalavryta and Arkadia are the most popular winter destinations.

Villages by the sea and beautiful beaches

Despite being a famous location for winter holidays on the coast there are also many nice villages and beautiful beaches. The most exotic beaches of the Peloponnese can be found in Elafonissos, a small island located south from Laconia that has golden beaches with fine sand equipped with beach umbrellas, sunbeds, bars and taverns.

Also the beach of Mavrovouni in Gythio is very popular because of the many services that it offers to its visitors and thanks to its fine sand. In the southern area of the Peloponnese you will find beautiful beaches such as Voidokilia in Pylos, Methoni, Koroni and the beautiful Messenia bay. Very popular amongst tourists is also Argolide prefecture in the north-eastern area of the Peloponnese. There is also a famous beach in Tolo, near Nauplia, that is famous for its white sand and for being well equipped with anything a tourist may need. Last but not least there are the localities of Ermioni and Port Heli.

How to get to the Peloponnese

The only two airports in the Peloponnese are located in Patrasso and Kalamata. These two airports during winter only receive national flights while during the summer and the busiest months of the year both of them receive both national and international flights. Since it is so close to Athens it is well connected to the capital’s airport. There is also an efficient bus line that connects Athens to the Peloponnese region.

The busses leave from KTEL station of Kifissos in Athens but there are also many other busses that reach the Peloponnese from other parts of Greece. From Athens you can take a train for Patrasso, the biggest city of the Peloponnese. Unfortunately it isn’t a direct train, in fact the passengers will have to take the train (Poraskiathos) from Athens to Kiato before taking a second train from Kiato to Patrasso.

From Diakofto you also take a touristic train for Kalavryta. This train only runs during the weekends and during holidays. There are also many ports in the Peloponnese. The biggest of these is in Patra and from there you can take a ferry that will take you to Bari, Brindisi, Venice and Trieste in Italy or to Corfù, Kefalonia and Ithaca. The port of Killin in the western Peloponnese has many ferries that leave on a daily basis for Elafonissos and Kythira, while the port of Gythio has ferries for Kythira and Kissamos. The small ports of Ermioni and Port Heli in the eastern Peloponneseare connected to the port of Piraeus (Athens).

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