Ammouliani is a small island located between the “fingers” of Chalkidiki in front of Mount Athos, famous for its beaches covered in white sand.

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Ammouliani is a small and not well known island located in front of Mount Athos and can be reached in just 10 minutes from the port of Tripiti. It’s beaches are covered in white sand and have shallow sea beds. A truly unique terrestrial paradise.

In about 20 minutes you can run the whole length of the island. The most unique characteristic of this region is it’s natural and lush appearance. Since there is only one inhabited center that counts more than 500 people almost the whole region appears to be completely covered in trees. If you are planning to visit this part of Chalkidiki we recommend you stay there at least 3 days to fully enjoy the island’s beauties. Luckily it is only one hour away from Sithonia and one hour fourty five minutes from the airport of Thessaloniki.

Why choose Ammouliani

Ammouliani is a corner of Chalkidiki where you will find peace and quietness, even during high season when most of Greece is “invaded” by tourists. Despite being a small island there are also many small restaurants that serve delicious traditional food.

This is thanks to the reastaurnat owners that often come from Macedonia where many traditions are still alive. If you decide to visit Ammouliani you will encounter magnificent beaches (some of the nicest in Chalkidiki). It certainly isn’t the ideal destination for someone looking for vibrant nightlife even if you can still find quite a few small places that play live music almost every evening.

What to do and see in Ammouliani

We can assure you that if you visit Ammouliani you will have a relaxing and quiet holiday surrounded by nature and crystal clear waters. If you are wondering what to do in Ammouliani unfortunately there aren’t many activities to choose from except from those that include walking, exploring and observing natural beauties.

There are also many parts of the region that offer wonderful views of the sea and coasts. During the day you can also take part in a tour of the Orthodox monasteries in the continent and close to Mount Athos. You can also take part in a tour of the island that starts from the port or from Megali Ammos beach.

You can’t miss visiting the two islands of Drenia, where you will find a marvelous beach covered in white sand with a small tavern next to it, and the island of Pena where you will find a natural reservoir where wild goats live and where you will find a crystal clear sea. Last but not least you can take part in a tour to Mount Athos.

How to get to Ammouliani

The quickest way to reach Ammouliani is certainly by car. All you will have to do is reach Tripidi from Thessaloniki before taking a ferry that will take you to this area in 10 minutes. Of course you will be able to take your car with you on the ferry if you have brought or rented a vehicle.

Another alternative you can choose from is to take a bus from the Macedonia Intercity Bus Station in Tripiti. There are quite a few busses that run for most of the day on a daily basis. Once you have arrived in Tripiti you will just have to take the bus, cross the bridge and be there in 10 minutes.

The traditional cuisine in Ammouliani

Like almost all localities in Greece you will find many restaurants and taverns that propose a traditional Greek cuisine. Most of these are located in the town of Ammouliani. We recommend you have dinner in To Pareáki Tou Pinéza. In Agios Georgios you can find taverns and restaurants owned by local people that offer the true Greek culinary experience.

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