Spetses is a glamorous island surrounded by lush nature and aromatic fragrances. Here cars are banned and many people decide to take the traditional carts carried by horses that make this island very unique despite having lost a lot of its traditions.

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Spetses is part of the Saronic islands but it is a lot further away from Athens compared to Salamina, Poros, Angistri, Dokos, Hydra and Egina. All transportation is done thanks to some carts carried by horses. You can still rent a scooter or use the local bus line but cars are banned from the island.

Spetses position makes it a great starting point if you are planning to visit the Peloponnese coast. In fact one of the best ways to reach the island is certainly to leave from the ports of Kostas and port Cheli and taking a ferry for Spetses.

The island is also well connected to other islands of the Saronic gulf such as Hydra, Poros and Egina thanks to the Hellenic Seaways ferries that reach this part of Greece. If you want to visit the Peloponnese coast your journey will only last 10-15 minutes.

Why choose Spetses?

If you decide to visit spetses don’t expect to find the traditional Greek atmosphere. The island is very elegant, and like the nearby islands of Hydra and Egina has many boutiques and small shops that are a lot nicer than a lot of other shops on other islands.

Most tourists that visit Spetses are actually Greek and for this reason you won’t meet many tourists from other parts of Europe or the world. There are also many houses that are rented by locals to tourists during the summer and the busiest months of the year. 

In Spetses there is also a vibrant nightlife thanks to the bars and taverns that serve delicious cocktails and play live music all night long. Of course don’t expect to find anything close to Mykonos or Ios when visiting the island.

When you choose to visit Spetses remember that cars are banned on the island and the only means of transportation are some carts carried by horses or donkeys, a local bus line and some scooters that can be rented in one of the agencies spread around the island.

Besides these land transports you will also have the chance to take part in one of the many boat trips to visit some of the island’s nicest beaches. This way many creeks and bays aren’t usually very crowded and give you the chance to spend a relaxing day while enjoying Spetses’ crystal clear waters.

The beaches in Spetses are very different from one to another. The northern part mostly has shores covered in rocks and pebbles while the southern coast has sandy fine golden beaches. An interesting fact about the main beaches in Spetses is that they are almost all surrounded by pine trees that offer great shade during the hottest months of the year.

Agia Marina beach

This is probably the most popular beach of the island and it is located at about 2 km from Dapia in the oriental part of the island. The beach has crystal clear waters and golden fine sand. There are also many taverns and bars besides many centers where to rent all the necessary equipment to practice water sports and go snorkeling.

It can be easily reached with a rented vehicle, by getting a taxi boat or by getting a bus that stops right near the beach. The beach is similar to the other ones of the island, surrounded by a lush vegetation made of pine trees and tamarisks. Near the beach they have also found many historical objects that date back to the bronze age.

Agia Paraskevi beach

On the western coast of Spetses you will find this spectacular sandy beach that is surrounded by a bay covered in green pine trees and lush nature that ensures shade all year round. Agia Paraskevi is only at about 12 km from the main port of Spetses and it has fabulous waters with a turquoise bright colour. It can be easily reached both with a rented vehicle or with a taxi boat.

On Agia Paraskevi you can practice different water sports like windsurfing or surfing besides having the chance to get something to drink or eat in one of the many bars nearby. There is also a very picturesque squared church located on top of the hill.

Agioi Anargyroi beach

On the south-western coast of the island you will find Agioi Anargyroi beach, located at about 10 km from the port of Spetses. It is probably the biggest and most equipped beach on Spetses and has many structures and taverns that obviously during the high season. The shore is covered by fine golden sand with a few small pebbles here and there.
If you visit this beach you may want to visit the cave of Bekiri that was once used by the Greek warriors to hide during the war against the Ottomans.

Vrellos beach

One of the beaches with the most vegetation located in the easternmost part of the island. The shore is covered by a mix of sand and pebbles with crystal clear waters and a shallow seabed that is perfect for children and families. It can be easily reached with a taxi boat that leaves directly from Spetses’ port, otherwise you can rent a car or scooter but once you reach the parking place near the beach you will have to walk through some pine woods before reaching it.

Spetses beach

While walking around this island’s capital you will find Spetses beach that is covered in pebbles and stones with a bit of sand in certain areas. There are some buildings next to the beach that don’t influence at all the beautiful landscapes that surround it.

The beach is always very crowded during the summer as next to the beach there are also many resorts and hotels. There are also many bars and taverns where to sip a fresh drink near the beach.

Xilokeriza beach

At about 8 km from the village of Dapia you will find this beautiful beach that gets its name from the bay it is on. It is certainly one of the nicer and wildest beaches of the island thanks to the fact that it can only be reached by scooter or with a taxi boat as the roads aren’t in very good condition and there aren’t any busses that reach it. We suggest you take a taxi boat as once you arrive at the parking place you will have to leave the scooter and walk for many kilometers.

Xilokeriza is located in the southern part of the island, it is covered by red pebbles and sand, and even during the warmer months it isn’t usually very crowded. Between July and September there is also a kiosk on the island that serves fresh drinks and snacks.

Zogeria beach

In the easternmost part of Spetses you will find Zogeria beach, considered by many the nicest beach of the island thanks to the landscape that surrounds it and the many activities to choose from. The bay is covered in a mix of fine sand and pebbles and surrounded by many cliffs and lush vegetation that offer some useful shade during the hottest months of the year. The waters are crystal clear with a turquoise colour that goes from light to dark blue according to the depth of the water.

The seabed is covered rocks and pebbles mixed with some sand. There are also a tavern and a small church that give this beach an extra touch of Greek atmosphere. Zogeria beach is equipped with anything a tourist may need and can be easily reached with a rented vehicle or by getting a taxi boat.

Spetses is a colourful and picturesque island with an aristocratic touch and lush landscapes. So what can you do in Spetses? The island has many things to see and can be explored on foot, by boat or horse riding. Remember that here you can’t use vehicles except from the local public transport. Here Spetses’ main attractions.

Caves of Bikiri

The caves of Bikiri is one of the nicest places of the island, and has been famous since the fifties as it has appeared in many films. The caves are located near Agioi Anargyroi and can be accessed by boat or after following a long path. The inside of the cave has got many surprising stalactites and crystal clear waters.

Armata festival

If you are visiting Spetses in September you will certainly hear talking about Armata festival. An event that is dedicated to the battle that was fought here in 1822 when the local fleet won against the Turkish fleet. A series of cultural events that go on for a week and end with the representation of a Turkish boat that gets burned. The festival also has fireworks and visual effects.

Boat tour and rental

From Spetses every day there are daily trips that will take you to the nearby islands off the coasts of the Peloponnese. They are certainly a good activity to choose when visiting Spetses and they often include a grilled meal on board. The boat trip will also give you the chance to see some of the island’s hidden creeks and explore parts of the island that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Horse riding

The central part of Spetses island is covered in green and lush nature. The wild landscape can be explored by horse thanks to the staples you can find around the island and that rent horses for the day.

Moving around Spetses can be quite difficult as on the island you won’t find cars. In fact you can only move around by taxi, bus, motorbike or on foot. There are two local bus lines, one runs on the eastern coast while the other one runs on the western coast.

Both of the bus lines start in the city of Spetses (bridge of Poseidonion) and reach the beaches of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Mamas, Agia Marina, Kouzounos, Xilokersiza, Agia Anargyri, Kaiki beach, Ligonerie and Vrelos. The tickets can be bought directly on the bus and in some beaches like Agia Anargyri or Agia Paraskevi the busses don’t run before the late afternoon. Remember to always ask the bus driver whether the busses are running regularly and on time.

Renting a motorbike in Spetses

Unfortunately there aren’t many scooters that can be rented on the island. For this reason if you are visiting Spetses during high season you may want to rent a scooter in advance. If you can’t find any motorbikes you will still have the chance to rent a squad or a bicycle.

Taking a taxi boat

Last but not least you will have the chance to visit the island’s coast thanks to the many taxi boats spread around Spetses. These taxi boats reach all the most important parts of the island and leave from Spetses’ main port. Otherwise you can choose to take part in a horse ride around the island.

The island of Spetses doesn’t have an airport. The only way to get to Spetses is through a boat and for this reason it is well connected by ferries that will take you from Athens to the port of Piraeus.

Reaching Spetses from Athens

You can reach Athens with an international flight and from there move to Piraeus port where there are ferries that run up to 5 times a day and will take you to Spetses. The company that organizes the trips is called Hellenic Seaways and the journey will last about 1h and 45m. The price ranges between 40,00 € and 70,00 € according to low or high season.

Reaching Spetses from Peloponnese

The island of Spetses is only 10-15 minutes away from Port Heli, in the Peloponnese. For this reason if you are travelling in this magnificent part of Greece you will have the chance to park in Port Heli before sailing for Spetses. Remember that on the island of Spetses there aren’t any cars but just scooters, taxis and busses.

There are many accommodations and hotels to choose from when visiting Spetses. Out of the many hotels, apartments, villas and studios we suggest you look for an accommodation close to the places you are planning to visit and explore. The hotels are concentrated in the city of Spetses as bringing cars on the is forbidden and most people stay in this part of the island. If you want to move around Spetses you will need to take a taxi boat, a bus or one of the scooters that can be rented.

Where to stay in Spetses

Spetses hotel is the main touristic structure of the island. Located on the beach shore at about 10 minutes from the center and Dapia port, Spetses hotel has a restaurant, a beach bar and a wide variety of rooms to choose from.

There are also apartments that can be rented in Spetses, most of these are located in Spetses town while other ones are spread in areas like Ligoneri and Kouzounos beach. Also the villas spread throughout the island are mostly located near the beaches and can often only be reached by taxi boat or by bus.

Studios in Spetses

The most common option to choose from when visiting a greek island is to rent one of the typical greek studios. In this case most of them are located in Spetses town, Ligoneri and Kouzounos beach that can be reached with a rented scooter.

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