Kasos will fascinate you with it’s incredible marine life, primitive landscapes, antique history, traditions and natural beauties. All of this concentrated in one of the oldest strongholds known in Greece


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Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese islands. This island in the Aegean sea is wild, untamable and luckily not very touristy. It is a great place for diving and exploring the sea. Kasos is Greece’s rocky pearl, ideal for those seeking for a relaxing vacation, fully immersed in the local culture, nature and the beautiful sea.

Kasos during summertime can be reached by plane from Crete, Rhodes and Athens. Many islands have got direct ferries for Kasos. The closest island is Karpathos and it only takes one hour to get from one to another. From the port of Sitia you can reach Crete in about two and a half hours.

Why choose Kasos ?

If you are planning a vacation to the Greek islands we suggest to add Kasos in a well organized and programmed tour. The hospitality you will find on this island has no equals. Most of the people that you will find in Kasos are old immigrants that go back to their native island every summer from the U.S.A., in fact in Kasos you will be able to hear a mix between greek and american whilst eating a typical Greek dish. Enjoy it’s magical and mysterious beaches.

The main village is called Fry (where you will find the tiny airport) and is located in a large valley where there are plenty of small villages to explore. This island except from this valley is very barren and with lots of mountains, for this reason Fry will be the main attraction of your holiday in Kasos. 

Another interesting thing about Kasos is that there are many typical white churches with lots of visitors, especially on the 17th of July when both tourists and natives celebrate the town’s traditional festival. Last but not least you can visit the tiny abandoned island in front of Kasos named Armathia, here you will be able to swim in one of the best beaches in the whole of Greece: Marmara. 

The beaches on Kasos are very wild and they hardly ever have any bars or taverns near them. None of them have any shady areas and the silence around them is almost surreal. The sea is crystal clear and very beautiful. Let’s see some of them in detail:

Antiperatos beach

A wide bay located in the northern part of the island. The bay has 4 beaches next to each other that are all covered in pebbles and are very isolated. If you decide to visit Antiperatos beach remember to take some food and water ferom home before heading for the beach.

Ammoua beach

A beach covered in pebbles with crystal clear waters located in the northern part of the island. A very isolated beach that is ideal for anyone looking for peace and quietness. Remember to take anything you might need during the day from home as there aren’t any shops or taverns nearby.

Emborios beach

A long beach covered in pebbles with crystal clear waters located in the northern part of the island. The beach is well equipped with deckchairs, beach umbrellas and even a tavern.

Helatros beach

A beach covered in pebbles with an emerald coloured sea that is located in the southernmost part of the island. The beach is very isolated and it is the ideal destination for someone that is looking for peace and quietness. Helatros beach is well known by surfers and windsurfers as the constant waves make it an ideal destination for anyone that loves one of these sports and wants to spend a day at the beach.

When visiting the small island of Kasos don’t expect to find any particular nightlife or vibrant atmosphere that can be found on other islands of the Dodecanese. In Kasos the sound of the wind mixes with the sounds of the animals that rome this island freely.


There are also many small taverns where to have some long conversations with the locals or you can visit one of the many churches that are looked after by the local inhabitants.

The six churches of Kasos

These are the nicest churches of Kasos and all 6 of them are located in the village of Panagia. According to traditions the churches were built to summon six fairies that were said to live in this area. From the church you can observe the wonderful view of the area surrounding it.

Armathia island

Located next to the westerncoast of Kasos. This wonderful island has lush and pristine landscapes surrounded by turquoise waters. The boats for visiting it leave from the port of Emborio

Visiting Ellinokamara caves

This cave in Kasos was used as a shelter by the Kasians during the period of the pirate invasions and as a religious center until the Ellenistic period. The cave can be accessed by following a narrow path located at about 3 km from Agios Marina. From the parking place it will take you about 15 minutes to reach the cave.

How to move around Kasos? The island isn’t served by a local bus line so you will probably have to take one of the taxis that are spread throughout the island or decide if renting a car or scooter from the only car rental that can be found on the island.

Renting a car in Kasos

The price of the car rentals in Kasos range between 25,00 €/day during low season and 35,00 €/day during high season. The scooter rental prices range from 18,00-20,00 €/day during low season and 25,00-28,00 €/day during high season. Maybe renting a 50 cc motorbike may be enough but we strongly recommend hiring a higher power engine as some roads are very steep. If you are visiting it during a daily trip make sure you check before hand if your vehicle can be transported on a ferry.

How to get to Kasos? Since the island has its own airport, it is quickest to fly there. The airport is 1 km west of the main town of Fry, approximately 10 minutes walk from the town centre (under the summer sun though). 

Flights for the island

There are no international flights for Kasos, only internal flights, so it is necessary to change either in Athens, Rhodes or Crete. In summer, the ‘Skybus’ service from Athens airport, serving Rhodes, Karpathos, Leros, Astypalea and Crete, and the flight is very short at around a quarter of an hour. However since there are many low-cost direct flights to Rhodes, it may be cheaper to fly there and take an internal flight to Kasos.

Ferries for the island

Like all the Greek islands, Kasos can also be reached by ferry. The ferries to Kasos leave from Rhodes and especially from Karpathos. Ferries leave daily from both the ports on Karpathos, Diafani and Pigadia. From here the ferry crossing to Kaso stakes 1 hour 20 minutes and on average costs €15. It is also possible to take a ferry from Piraeus, stopping at various islands in the Cyclades.

The ferry stops at both ports on Rhodes, Stia and Heraklion, and at Kharpatos, and the prices are relatively low (around €20) - check the timetable for departure days and prices.

Most of the structures where you can stay for the night in Kasos are in Fry, the island’s most important town and port. There are many old buildings that have been restored and transformed into apartments or hotels that can be rented. Even during the high season the island isn’t usually very crowded but you should still book in advance to be sure to find a place.

Often you can contact directly the structure’s owners without having to speak to an agency (possibly saving some money as well).

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