Rhodes is an ideal place where to relax and to look for a vacation full of action. With its green hills and excellent structures for spending the night it is a special island where you’ll enjoy the modern lifestyle and the old traditions


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1.401 km²
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Direct flight
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Sand, Pebbles
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Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes town (UNESCO monuments), Palace of Gran Maestro, Monastery Filerimos, Acropols of Rodhes, Butterfly valley, Kallithea hot springs, Holy Trinity, ritinia Castle, Museums
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Family holiday, Romantic trip, Nightlife

Rhodes is the biggest and easternmost island of the Dodecanese islands and of the Aegean sea. It is historically famous for the colosseum and St. John’s knights besides a vibrant nightlife, high cliffs, golden beaches, crystal clear waters and Anthony Quinn bay. This island and it’s beautiful nature, golden beaches and magical bays over the years has attracted many Hollywood stars that choose to come and see the island of Rhodes where the Aegean and Mediterranean sea meet!


Observing Rhode’s position you will notice how easy it is to reach the other islands from here, even the ones outside of the Dodecanese islands. From here you can reach almost every place in Greece. The island has an airport called Diagoras located 16 km south from Rhodes city.

There are many direct flights from most of the european airports, some planes stop at Crete before reaching Rhodes, you’ll just have to see what you think is more convenient for you.
Rhode’s port has daily ferries that take to Piraeus port. The journey lasts about 12 hours and stops in each of the following islands: Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos and Kos

Why choose Rhodes?

If you choose to visit Rhodes you can be sure that you’ll find an island where sea, fun and history all in one place. Some people consider it the best Greek island, the city's old center is a UNESCO world heritage site and it’s the perfect destination for any type of holiday. It is also a great place if you are visiting Greece for the first time as it is so different from one part to another. The western coast is very windy and in the years it has become a surfer’s paradise.

The eastern coast is full of tourists, hotels, equipped beaches and young people partying until late at night. Certainly an island where you don’t just go for the sun and beaches. Rhodes has a lush vegetation, cliffs that are perfect for snorkeling, long wide beaches, a lovely sea and lots of games and activities for children. Here you will see how the old and modern Greek culture live together.

In Rhodes you will be able to pass the night in a club while sipping nice cocktails and listening to some good music before walking back home in the morning and meeting the local people sitting in bars and smoking while playing cards. Last but not least we suggest visiting the old city as it is one of the oldest medieval cities in Europe. You will be able to explore 24 centuries of history!

There are many beaches in Rhodes, most of the sandy ones are located in the eastern side of the island between Rhodes city and Lindos. The best option is to explore the coast and find which beaches aren’t as crowded as the others during your stay.


In the south-eastern part of the island there are many beaches that are just as beautiful as the other ones but wilder and sometimes not as full of tourists. The place where you decide to stay is just as important as choosing a nice beach since the island is so big. In the south-western part of Rhodes there are many villages that go from being very peaceful and quiet to very alive and noisy with a great nightlife.

On the western part of the island there is a strong wind that blows constantly and for this reason there aren’t as many tourists on the different beaches in the area. The beaches are covered in pebbles and very often don’t offer any services for tourists, apart from this there are many wild beaches that are perfect for practicing different water sports like surfing and kitesurfing.

Unfortunately the waters aren’t very calm usually and sometimes swimming can be dangerous because of the high waves and strong winds.

Afandou beach

Located next to the village from where the beach gets its name Afandou is a long beach covered with a mix of sand and pebbles, some parts are completely free while some others are private and well equipped, surrounded by natural caves. The sea is bright blue and the seabed becomes immediately very deep.

Even if there is the chance to rent some kitesurf equipment this beach unfortunately doesn’t offer as many services as the other beaches and for this reason it is also less crowded even during the summer. Sometimes there can be a strong wind and nearby the beach you will find different structures like taverns and bars.

Agathi beach

Agathi is at about 10 km from Lindos village. It is located in a sandy cove surrounded by a wild landscape and mountains near Haraki beach and the medieval castle of Feraklos. The sea is crystal clear and the seabed slowly becomes deeper (good for children and families). The beach is well equipped and has many showers and bars where to eat.

Elli beach

Elli is a beach located near the center of Rhodes city (nearby the Casinò) and it is very crowded with tourists and for this reason it is also one of the most equipped beaches of the island with water sport centers and different taverns. During the summer it fills with tourists and it can be difficult to find a hotel room or an apartment.

Faliraki beach

Located at about 15 km from the center of Rhodes city this is one of Rhodes’ nicest beaches. The beach is incredibly long (more than 4 km long) and it is equipped with taverns, restaurants, bars, kiosks and water sport equipment for practicing water sports. Behind the beach there are some hotels and tall trees that offer great shade during the warmer months. The waters are crystal clear and the seabed is very shallow. During summertime it is very crowded and you may want to move to the nearby bay of Kathara and it’s village of fishermen.

Gennadi beach

Located near a village from where the beach gets its name, Gennadi is covered in pebbles and is the ideal location if you are looking for relaxation and peacefulness. Gennari offers some basic services to the tourists that visit this area.

Ladiko beach

Located near the village of Afandou this is one of the nicest beaches you can find in Rhodes. Besides the lovely golden sand there are also some very nice cliffs and trees surrounding the beach. The ideal destination for whoever likes swimming or snorkeling. It also has a small kiosk where to get something to drink and eat.

Lindos beach

Lindos is probably the second most famous beach of the island after Anthony Quinn bay and it is located near the city from where the beach gets its name. It is covered in a mix of sand and pebbles, it isn’t very extended, it has a crystal clear sea and a very shallow seabed. There are also a few taverns and restaurants where you will have the chance to try some of the traditional Greek food.

Faliraki beach for nudists

At about 15 km from Kalathos village this is the only official beach for nudists of the island. There are many taverns here besides a beautiful landscape with lots of lush vegetation surrounded by many rocks. The sea is turquoise but there are many flat stones that are very slippery on the seabed so pay attention to where you put your feet!

Kalathos beach

Located at about 50 km south-east from Rhodes city there is Kalathos. This beach has a long and sandy coast, crystal clear waters and a very shallow seabed that is great for children. The fact of not being overcrowded usually and not having any real services makes this beach even more fascinating.

Kallithea beach

Kallithea Beach is a fabulous beach with crystal clear waters located just 8 km south from Rhodes. The blue flag awarded beach of Kallithea is partly pebbled partly sandy with wild rocky spots on the side and has numerous deckchairs and sun umbrellas for hire. The sea is bright blue but there are many flat stones and rocks on the seabed and for this reason it may not be the best if you have children. There is a wonderful atmosphere also thanks to the fact the water level near the beach changes a lot from one point to another. There are also some stairs to access the deep water directly and there are many great spots for snorkeling and observing the marine life.

Katsouni beach

Located near the village of Lardos this beach is still almost completely wild even if in some points you will find some services for tourists like deck chairs to rent. The beach is very wide and covered in pebbles. There is a lush vegetation surrounding the crystal clear waters.

Kolimbia beach

Located near the village of Faliraki, not very far away from Tsambika beach, this beach is covered by a mix of sand and pebbles. There are some beautiful cliffs on the side of the beach from where you can go snorkeling. Surrounded by nature it is a very relaxing beach where you will also find plenty of kiosks. During the summer it can be very crowded.

Ixia beach

Located at about 7 km from rhodes city Ixia has a long beach covered in pebbles. It is very windy and it is the ideal place for whoever likes to practice surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and other water sports. The beach is very well equipped with anything you may need while on the beach. The water can sometimes be a bit cloudy and there is often a strong wind blowing. There are also some kiosks and hotels near the beach.

Lalysos beach

7 km from Rhodes city there is Lalysos, a beach covered in pebbles from where you can observe the mountains above the city of Marmaris. The sea is crystal clear and has a very shallow seabed. It is well equipped with many services for tourists like kiosks and bars.

Lardos beach

Located near the village from where the beach gets its name Lardos beach is covered by a mix of sand and pebbles that are perfect for taking long walks. Unfortunately it isn't very well equipped but there is a kiosk on the beach.

Lothiarika beach

Located near Lardos this beach is covered by a mix of sand and pebbles that is very quiet and almost never crowded. The sea is perfect for swimming and the beach even has a kiosk.

Makris Tichos beach

Located not far away from Lardos, nearby Prassonisi, there is Makris Tichos. This long beach is covered bya mix of sand and pebbles, it is very quiet and the seabed tends get deep after many meters. There are also some centers where to rent the equipment for water sports like kitesurfing that are surrounded by different structures and taverns.

Megali Paralia beach

This beach is located next to the city of Lindos and can be reached by following some stairs. It is located in a wide creek that protects it from the strong winds. it is surrounded by trees, rocks and taverns. It is perfect for young people as there are many bars and taverns as previously said. 

Nikolas beach

Located near Kalithea this beach is one of the most unique ones of the island with flat stones and pebbles. Not very well known by tourists, you will be able to rent a sunbed and decide to sunbathe wherever you want (on the beach, on the rocks nearby or even directly in the water). Most of the beach is free while the rest offers some services for tourists. There is also an excellent kiosk where to get food and drinks.

Pefki beach

5 km south from Lindos there is a long sandy beach and a wonderful shallow seabed. Very crowded during the summer, there are many structures for tourists like shops, bars, taverns and hotels. We suggest to carry on from this beach and reach the quieter beach of Glystra.

Prasonisi beach

Located in the southernmost point of the island at about 92 km from Rhodes, a wide and sandy beach loved by surfers thanks to the presence of the Meltemi that in july and august is very strong. There are two coasts that form a small island that can be reached on foot when the tide is very low. There are also a tavern and a few places where to rent the equipment for going surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Stegna beach

Stegna beach is covered by a mix of pebbles and sand and it is located near the village of Archangelos. The beach is very long and has a big parking place besides a few big hotels behind it. It usually is very quiet and not very crowded even if there are some nice kiosks and a crystal clear sea.

Traganou beach

A beach covered in pebbles located near Faliraki. It isn’t as known and for this reason it is very wild and uncontaminated. The perfect beach if you decide to look for a quiet beach far away from most of the other tourists. There is a tavern on the beach during the summer, sunbeds or beach umbrellas can be rented and the sea is crystal clear and shallow, perfect for swimming. On one side of the beach there is also an intersting cave that you can explore.

Tsambika beach

Located on a mountain with a monastery that gives the beach it’s name. During the summer it is invaded by tourists, especially families, that choose this sandy beach because of its long coast and the protection from the wind offered by the mountains that are next to the beach.

Vagies beach (Anthony Quinn bay)

This beach gets its name from the famous Anthony Quinn bay and it is located in an irregular creek near the villages of Afandou and Faliraki. It is surrounded by green lush hills, there are some big rocks that get all the way to the water and it is famous for being the place where some scenes of the film “The canons of "Navaroni” by Anthony Quinn were shot. Anthony Quinn once the film was finished fell in love with this bay so much that he asked the Greek government to buy it, in the end they did not sell it to him but the bay still takes his name. The sea has a turquoise colour, the seabed is very shallow and covered in rocks that are ideal for snorkeling. There is also a bar that in the warmer months is very crowded. The beach is covered by a mix of sand and pebbles in different parts of the island.

Vlycha beach

Vlycha is a sandy beach that is very well equipped for tourists located near Lindos village. It is mostly visited by locals rather than tourists. It is surrounded by rocky hills and it has a shallow and crystal clear coast. On the right side of the beach you will find many quiet spots besides a few bars. Unfortunately behind the beach there is an enormous hotel that spoils that landscape a bit.

San Paolo bay

Located in the gulf where there is the village of Lindos this small creek has some magnificent turquoise waters and can be reached in 10 minutes on foot from the acropolis, or by car if you are coming from Lindos. The beach offer many services for the tourists that visit it.

Rather than thinking about what to do in Rhodes you should worry not to get at the end of your vacation and regretting not have seen enough of the island’s many attractions. In Rhodes you will have the chance to visit many villages, archeological sites and marvellous beaches.


There are many activities to choose from when visiting Rhodes, for example you can go for long walks, visit deserted beaches, practice water sports, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, rest in the thermal springs and visit the old city center. Rhodes is perfect for young people, couples, families and anyone that is looking for beautiful waters, a relaxing atmosphere, historical monuments and plenty of fun.

Rhodes city

The city of Rhodes offers a mix of history and amusements, from the old city center to the modern casinos, shops, markets and nightlife. You can choose between many different taverns and clubs, especially in the new city where you will find shops and taverns for tourists that unfortunately have lost a bit of the traditional Greek atmosphere but offer many options to choose from.

Activities around Rhodes port

The commercial port, where all the big ferries and catamarans are anchored, is located in the eastern part of the old city. Mandraki port welcomes small boats and yachts besides a small fleet of boats to go for a day trip to the nearby beaches of Symi or the turkish coasts. It may seem strange but one of the things you may want to do in Rhodes is visiting the Turkish coasts.

Diving centers in Rhodes

Walking around the harbour you will have the chance to choose between many different activities. In the island’s main port you will find a diving center where to learn the basics of this sport and offer a chance to try a new experience. There is also a wide offer for professionals or people that have already tried. For example there are some night trips that have the aim to visit some underwater caves or looking for relicts. Go towards the western part of the island if you like windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing as this is the part of the island where the Meltemi blows making it great for these sports.

Boat trips to Rhodes

Rhodes is very lively and is certainly one of the most interesting islands to visit, for this reason if you are looking for peace and quietness we suggest you take part in one of the many boat trips that will give you the chance to visit the island’s coast and the rest of the islands nearby. According to where you are staying, you will find out that from the closest port you can get a boat and take part in a boat trip to the nearby islands. There is also the chance of visiting some of the many beautiful Turkish coasts nearby.

Guided tour of the island’s monument. In Greece there aren’t many places that have as many monuments as Rhodes. As described on Rhodes’ official website there are many artistic monuments that are recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. One of the places that you must see when visiting the island is the old city center, where you can walk in the narrow roads that was once controlled by St. John and his order. There are many nightclubs and places where to go during the night.

Moving around Rhodes should be your first concern when deciding to visit this island because of it’s size (1.408 km²). The ideal vehicle to use on this island is certainly the car but if you aren’t planning to move around a lot even a scooter or a bicycle should be enough.

Renting a car or scooter in Rhodes

In the less touristic southern part you will certainly need a car given the distance from the airport. The roads are usually paved and in very good condition, but remember that some roads (especially the ones that lead to some of the island’s most hidden beaches) may be very narrow and not in such good condition. Already when you arrive at the airport you will notice many car rentals, but these can also be found in Rhodes city and in the main inhabited areas. Prices range from 22 €/day during low season and 35-40 €/day during high season. Some agencies even offer a service for taking your vehicle directly to your hotel or accommodation. Many agencies also offer the chance to rent a scooter, but if you do so we recommend you hiring at least a 150 cc motorbike.

Moving around Rhodes by taxi

The island’s main taxi parking lot is located in Rhodes city, in the eastern area of the old city of Plateia Rimini. The islòand is divided in economic areas: the first applies for Rhodes city while the second one applies for the rest of the island. Taxis cannot enter in the old city as it can only be accessed on foot. From midnight to 5 o’clock in the morning the prices for taxis double (you will find all the prices in the local taxi stops). The prices aren’t generally particularly high but if you decide to only use taxis you may spend more than you would have thought. For reaching the airport there is usually a fixed price of 20 euros. Taxis can be both booked by telephone or directly. These are also equipped for transporting disabled people.

Moving around Rhodes by bus

In Rhodes city there are two bus stations, located at about mile distance and that reach the areas and villages located in the eastern part of the island. There are regular connections but often during the weekend these can be very irregular and reach localities in both the eastern and western coasts. If you are trying to reach the southern part of the island we don’t recommend you take a bus.

Rhodes is a Greek island with an international airport. For this reason it can be easily reached by taking a direct flight most european cities. This will give you the chance to find cheaper flights if you book enough in advance. Besides this the fact of being so distant from the mainland and most big islands, the best way to reach it is to travel by plane.

You can also fly from Rhodes to the other islands of the Dodecanese. Rhodes is well connected to other islands like Karpathos, Astypalea, Kasos, Kalymnos and Leros.

Reaching Rhodes from Crete

You can get a flight from the airport of Heraklion, Crete, and reach Rhodes from there. This is a good combination if you are planning to visit Crete.

Reaching Rhodes from Athens by plane

If you can’t find a direct flight you can always plan to land in Athens before taking a second flight for Rhodes. It is the same if you are planning to reach Thessaloniki. Both Athens and Thessaloniki can be easily reached with low cost flights.

Reaching Rhodes from Athens by ferry

Last but not least you can choose to fly to Athens and going from the airport to the port of Piraeus. You will have to travel for 14 hours and check the timetable of the ferries as they are often updated and changed.

Rhodes ha a lot to offer and many things to see and of course many accommodations that range from apartments to hotels. But which are the accommodations and hotels in Rhodes to choose from. Since the island is very big first of all you will have to choose in which area you want to stay. In many parts of Greece tourists have stopped getting the flight + hotel option but in Rhodes it is still the most common option amongst tourists.

Where to spend the night in Rhodes

When you are choosing a hotel in Rhodes there are many options to choose from. So which is the best area? There are apartments and hotels spread throughout the island. According to what type of vacation you are looking for you should choose the right position for the vacation.

In the north part of Rhodes city you will mostly find art galleries and museums but also a bit of nightlife. In Falikari, Lindos and Lalyssos you will find most of the island’s nightlife. If instead you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation you should go in the southern and western coast of the island.

Hotels and accommodations in Rhodes

In Rhodes city you will also have the chance to spend a night in the old city. Here you will find many art pieces and historical remains. Otherwise you can choose to stay in the modern part of Rhodes city where there is a lot more vibrant nightlife.

In both cases you better book everything with a few months of advance. As many hotels are often very crowded. In the city of Rhodes prices are higher than in most other areas of the Dodecanese, the old city cannot be accessed by taxis so you may have to carry your luggage for a bit or ask the hotel to send someone to help you if you have a lot of luggage.

The city of Rhodes is of course full of shops and the best place for people looking for the typical vibrant Greek nightlife. There are all-inclusive hotels spread throughout the island, most of these can be found in the eastern part of the island next to the coast that connects Rhodes city to Lindos. Nearby you will also find sandy beaches and restaurants that serve delicious traditional food.

Hotels in Rhodes’ center

A vacation in Rhodes is the perfect combination between sea, art and relax. You probably won’t be able to explore all of it as it is very large so you may want to concentrate on the northern and southern coasts. There are many options to choose from when you are looking for an accommodation and prices get lower and lower as soon as you move from Rhodes city.

The village of Lindos hasn’t got many hotels and accommodations, so if you want to find an accommodation here you may want to book a few months in advance and check the actual location of your accommodation and how close this is from bus stops and taxi stations.

In the south-eastern part of Lindos there are a handful of apartments in the tiny village of Gennadi where you will also find a nice beach covered in pebbles. Following the sandy beach you will find the villages of Plimmiri, Lahania and Kattavia, where you will have the chance to spend the night in an apartment or a studios.

Also in Prassonissi you can find nice accommodations and beaches. In the village of Kalathos there are also a few structures and it is the dieal choice for someone that wants a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Apartments and studios in Rhodes’ southern coast

The airport of Rhodes is rather distant from this part of the island (50 km from the airport to the southernmost point of the island. The southwestern part is exposed to fairly strong winds, has less structures and can be easily reached by car or scooter in order to enjoy its beaches and water sport centers. The cheapest option to choose from is certainly to rent a studios or an apartment, especially in the southern and western and southern coast of Rhodes as the most luxurious localities like Lindos, Falliraki and Kallithea are located on the north-eastern part of the island.

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