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Greece for couples: best mainland and island destinations

Greek islands are an ideal destination for couples: with their relaxing beaches, historical sites, delicious food, and stunning views, it is easy to see why they look so attractive. Indeed, the islands make a fascinating holiday both for honeymooners and couples who simply want to get away from their daily routine.


Greek islands for couples: the best choices

The ingredients for a perfect romantic trip to Greece may include evocative landscapes, secluded beaches, outdoor restaurants, pleasant boat tours and excursions to enjoy the warm thyme-scented scenery - and (maybe) a sun lounger to relax by the pool or the sea. Add to that a touch of solitude, some stunning views and (to top it all off) a selection of lovely boutique rooms and discreet luxury hotels.

But which are the best Greek islands for couples? We think these below should definitely be on your list.


A spectacular volcanic island you’ll fall in love with from the moment you step off the plane, and home to hundreds of romantic boutique hotels: Santorini is certainly one of the most romantic destinations in the world and an ideal place for an unforgettable holiday. Spectacular sunsets and walks along the narrow alleys in the traditional villages of Fira and Oia are just a glimpse of what awaits you there.


A trip to quiet Folegandros is a great idea for a couple. Chora, at the top of the white cliffs, is one of the most picturesque towns in the Cyclades - a piece of heaven that mass tourism has not yet discovered. Not far from Santorini and Ios, Folegandros is easy to fit into an island-to-island itinerary. Magnificent views, friendly people and wild beaches… I bet you can feel the magic in the air!


Milos is another volcanic island in the southern Cyclades, featuring some of the most fascinating landscapes in Greece, and amazing romantic beaches that make it an excellent destination for a honeymoon or a couple holiday. You can start your trip by exploring the capital, Plaka, a picture-postcard place perched on a hill overlooking the sea. The village has picturesque Cycladic churches and romantic alleys with blooming bougainvillea. Then there is the world-famous beach of Sarakiniko, with its unique green waters contrasting with the white rocks, its caves and unusual volcanic formations. Milos is also a perfect destination for couples who like to explore. Our special tip? Hire a car or quad bike for a few days to seek out its most remote beaches, hidden in various corners of the island.


Naxos is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades and an excellent choice for a romantic escape to Greece, also off-season. The island has a life of its own all year round, and the panorama ranges from quaint mountain villages to fabulous white beaches - like Agios Prokopios, Maragas and Plaka (which also has an area for naturists). Here you will have the perfect “sunset experience”: grab a cocktail, head to magnificent Portara, and take your seat, waiting for the sun to dip and disappear on the horizon.


One of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese is Astypalea, with less than 2,000 permanent residents. The place is perfect for couples who want to disconnect from the rest of the world and spend some precious time together. The charming butterfly-shaped island is close to the Cyclades in terms of culture and architecture: there are whitewashed villages and some of the most characteristic alleys in the Aegean. For a more secluded experience, you can choose the beaches of Vatses and Kaminakia, a little off the beaten track, but ideal for a relaxing swim with your partner.


Amorgos is a wonderful place both for honeymooners and couples looking for adventure. Here you will be “far from the madding crowd” (typical of Santorini) and immerse yourself in lush nature. Amorgos is not only known for its impressive landscapes, but also for being featured in the award-winning film The Big Blue. The island has one of the most transparent waters in the world, and is a fantastic destination for its undersea landscape and water sports, like diving or snorkelling. Its clean unpolluted air will let you observe the constellations, whether on an organised tour or freely exploring the Greek skies with your partner.


This small island, part of the Dodecanese island group, is blessed with natural beauty and tranquillity. You will be enchanted by the harbour, the out-of-this-world villas, the relaxing atmosphere, and charming places like the Panormitis monastery or the Kali Sarta. And the main town of Chora will prove a perfect place for a couple’s holiday.


Located close to Athens, Hydra tops the list of Greek holiday destinations for couples. Built on the hills, its stone houses and narrow streets are simply enchanting. As vehicles are not allowed on the island, couples can enjoy a pleasant walk through the streets in the evening, before finding the perfect place to watch the sunset.

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