Antiparos is a glamorous island with lots of traditions and history. In this part of Greece time seems to have stopped. A quiet place where you’ll be able to relax peacefully for the rest of your holiday.

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Antiparos is considered Paros’ small “sister” as the two islands are so close to each other. Despite the size this island has many things to offer and a strong identity that make it an ideal vacation for someone looking for something different without missing the typical Greek atmosphere of the Cyclades islands.

Many people decide to visit Antiparos during a daily trip from Paros. In fact given the closeness and the low cost of the boat ticket that will get you there you can decide to spend just a day here, exploring the island’s beauties, before getting the ferry back home (the last ferry leaves at 1 o’clock at night while the first one leaves at 5 in the morning).

Why choose Antiparos?

If you decide to spend a vacation in Antiparos it will seem as if time has stopped on this tiny and quiet island where you experience the true Greek atmosphere. In Antiparos there is even the possibility to spend a night in a restored windmill that has been transformed into a B&B for the tourists that visit the island. The first place where you will arrive is the port from where you can reach the Chora and its small beautiful alleys.

In the Chora you will find the island’s main village that is built on the remains of the old medieval village. The center is very colored and the buildings have the typical white color that many typical buildings have. There are also some hotels and apartments spread throughout the island (most of them are located near the main inhabited centers). Antiparos is an island made for enjoying the relaxing, quiet and slow Greek lifestyle and it’s traditions.

Even if there isn’t a very vibrant nightlife, like on islands like Mykonos, there are still some events that are regularly organized near the beach like parties and concerts while in the island’s Chora you can sip a fresh drink while enjoying the island’s atmosphere and colours.

The beaches in Antiparos are almost completely covered in sand. In some parts of the island, you can also find beaches with pebbles. The nicest beaches on the island are all in the western part of the island. Almost all the beaches on the island can be reached through land apart from a few that are easier to reach by boat as the roads that lead to the beach are in very bad conditions.

Another alternative is to rent a scooter to reach the different beaches around the island. Some of them can be reached by bus thanks to the bus line that connects most of the island.

Agios Georgios beach

On the western part of the island there is Agios Georgios beach that gets is name from the small and coloured village next to it. There is a small island called Despotiko right in front of the beach and the surroundings are full of lush nature that make the crystal clear waters even nicer. The beach isn’t very well equipped for tourists even if you can find a few taverns where to eat or drink nearby. Luckily it is protected by many trees and offers good cover from the Meltemi wind.

Apandima beach

Apandima beach is located on Antiparos’ coast and it is the perfect destination for those people that love cliffs and rocks. The beaches are mostly covered in pebbles, but don’t worry, if you are worried about burning yourself luckily there is a lot of vegetation behind the beach that offers great cover from the sun during the hottest months of the year. The beach is at about 7 km from the Chora and near there you will find one of the best restaurants of the island, Still Waters.

Apandima is very crowded during the summer. There is also the famous cavern that you must visit if you go to Apandima. Last but not least the sea on this beach is incredible and thanks to the presence of coloured stones underwater the waters change colour according to the time of the day, currents and brightness of the sun.

Camping beach

In front of the island of Dipia there is “camping island”, considered the camping spot of the northern part of Antiparos island. Like the previous beach it is very busy during the summer time and it is exposed to the winds that hit these islands regularly. The beach’s coast is really nice with very fine sand and a crystal clear sea.

Capo Akako beach

Capo Akako beach is near Apandima and it is one of the nicest beaches on Antiparos. The beach is divided into two parts by some buildings that almost touch the beach. For this reason we suggest going to another part of the island even if the second of the two beaches is very nice. Both of them have a wonderful turquoise sea.

Feneromeni beach

In the southernmost part of Antiparos there is one of the nicest beaches on Antiparos. When you arrive at the entrance of the beach you will see a magnificent landscape. The beach has white sand and next to it there is a small chapel that make everything look even nicer. The water is incredible and this beach can be reached either by boat if you are leaving from the island’s port or by renting a car/scooter and going through the villages of Sostis and Soros. The beach isn’t very equipped so you will have to bring something to eat and drink from home if you are planning to spend the day there

Glyfa beach

In the northern part of the island there is an asphalted area where there is Glyfa beach. It looks like most of the beaches on Antiparos with golden sand and a crystal clear sea. It isn’t very equipped for tourists and it is suggested to visit it while you are circumnavigating the island and exploring it’s beauties.

Livadi beach

Livadi or livadia beach is one of the most crowded beaches of the island also because there are numerous signs that indicate the beach’s position. It is located on the western coast of the island and it has golden sand and a crystal clear sea. On one of the two sides you will see a medium sized rock where you will find a small hidden bay. It can also be easily reached by scooter or by car.

Monastiri beach

Monastiri beachThanks to its natural surroundings Monastiri is one of Antiparos’ nicest beaches. This beach isn’t equipped at all for tourists and it is one of the island’s most isolated areas. The only period when there are some people that visit the beach is in summer but even during these months it certainly isn’t as crowded most of the other beaches.

The sea is crystal clear even if sometimes you can find some algae that arrive on the beach with the currents. The landscape is lush and wild also because it is rather difficult to reach this beach. The road goes up and down through the mountains and it isn’t a good idea to go on it with very low cars.

Nude beach

Like on every island also on Antiparos there is a nudist beach. It is located in the northern part of the island not far away from the camping site and the Chora and in front of the island of Diplo. The coast has a golden sand with a crystal clear turquoise sea. If you want to reach the beach you can follow the indications for the camping site.

Panaghia beach

On the eastern side of the island there is Panaghia, one of the longest beaches of Antiparos. A sandy coast protected by a thick vegetation during the summer time. Before visiting this beach make sure you check the weather forecast to avoid the Meltemi that can be very annoying. If you decide to spend the day there you can visit the tavern nearby and try some of the typical local dishes.

Psaralyki beach

Psaralyki is one of the most famous beaches of the island. There are actually two beaches here, one next to each other, that during the summer are always very crowded. The sea has a colour that goes from a light blue to a strong turquoise and the sand is golden. The beach can be reached after crossing the low hills covered by tamarisk trees.Around this beach that is very equipped for tourists you can find hotels and houses or apartments to rent that luckily don’t ruin the wonderful landscapes

Sifneikos Gialos beach

Sifneikos Gialos beach is also known as sunset beach and it is located on the western part of the island near the Chora. This beach is one of the most crowded of the island also because there are many bars and taverns where you can get something to eat or drink. The beach is covered in golden sand and it has beautiful seabed that becomes deep after many meters. The sea is bright blue but make sure you check the weather forecast as sometimes the Meltemi can be very annoying sometimes.

Soros beach

Soros is one of the most crowded beaches in Antiparos thanks to the fact that there are many structures around the beach. It is located in the south-eastern part of the island at about 10 km from Chora. The beach is on a long and sandy coast with crystal clear waters where you can take some long walks and swims. There are 2 taverns where you can try some delicious dishes or buy something to drink. It is also one of the few parts of the island where you can practice some water sports thanks to a special sports centers on the beach.

Sostis beach

The beach is located on the south-eastern part of the island and it can be easily reached by car or scooter. If you want to reach this beach you must follow the road in the south of the island. From there you will turn right onto a dirt road from which you will reach 3 small beaches covered in golden sand. This is one of the island’s nicest beaches as it is also one of the most isolated ones.

The beach is covered with fine golden sand and the sea is of a turquoise colour that makes you want to have a swim as soon as you arrive there.

Theologos beach

In the north-eastern part of Antiparos, not far away from the Chora and the port, on the other side of a cloured wall surrounded by tamarisks there is Theologos beach. Here the sandy beaches carry on for many meters. Unfortunately the sea isn’t as clear as in other parts of the island but it is perfect for families with small children as they won’t have to worry about the children going in deep waters. The beach is very well equipped and it can be easily reached by car or scooter.

Nudist beach

Near the Chora there is also the ideal destination for nudists where you will have the chance to feel free and relax however you prefer.

There are many activities to choose from when visiting Antiparos. You can go there for a daily trip or spend the whole holiday there. There are many events going on all the time like events, festivals, art shows and natural beauties. There are also many beautiful beaches and landscapes. There is also the chance to spend a day by the beach while practicing different activities, watersports and boat travels.

Walking around the Chora

One of the best things to do when in Antiparos is walking around the Chora and exploring this labyrinth of small alleys. There is also the village of Agios Giorgios nearby where you will experience the true Greek atmosphere. You will be very happy to let yourself go and relax in one of the many taverns nearby while sipping a cool drink.

Visiting the Venetian Kastro

One of the places that you really mustn’t miss when visiting Antiparos is the venetian castle, located near the historical center of Antiparos. Why was a castle built on this tiny island? Like many other islands of the Aegean sea, Antiparos was once a point of interest for both Venetians and pirates.

For this reason in 1440 the Venetians built this Kastro (castle) to defend the locals from the attacks of pirates. An interesting fact to know is that during the period when the castle was getting built the venetian governor Giovanni Loredano met and married Maria Sommaripa, an native inhabitant of the island. The access to the castle has a Gothic style gate located near the main square of the city.

Around the area of the castle there are many different houses that were built in the following centuries. There are also 3 churches built in Venetian-renaissence style. Between the ruins of the castle there is also a circular tower that was once the home of the local governor. Many locals love spending their days in the historical area of the island.

Visit to Kambos and Antiparos’ cave

Moving towards the center of the island you will find the old village of Kambos. The village has about 10 people living in it, some white churches built in classic Greek style and a wonderful traditional atmosphere. It is located near two beautiful beaches called Glyfa and Livadia. So before going swimming a visit to kambos is a must.
At about 10 minutes by car from kambos there is Antiparos’ cave located on the hill of Agios Ioannis. The antique cave is famous for its stalagmites and stalactites. There are also some guides that can show you around the cave. They aren’t the best caves in the whole of greece but they are still very interesting.

Diving and snorkeling

The diving centers on the island are very well organized and will ensure you a great experience when exploring all the underwater natural beauties. Perfect for professional divers but also for someone that hasn’t ever gone diving!

Boat trip

With a boat trip you will have the chance to visit the most inaccessible parts of the island. There are also small uninhabited islands like Despotiko that are really nice. An experience that is definitely worth doing.

Water sports

On the island you can choose between practicing different water sports like windsurfing or surfing even in the most crowded beaches like Psaraliki. There are also many structures that can be rented for hours or even days.

How to move around Antiparos? You can move around the island by renting a scooter or a car or else by taking advantage of the local bus line. Otherwise you can also decide to rent a bicycle, an interesting alternative. On the island there aren’t taxis but in the last few years the number of private drivers is increasing. Given the fact that the island is so close to Paros many people decide to rent their vehicle there before getting a ferry for Antiparos, this is an especially good alternative if you are planning to visit both islands.

Renting a car or scooter in Antiparos

On the island you will have the chance to rent cars and scooters that will give you a lot more freedom when deciding which areas of the island to visit, like the nicest beaches that can’t be reached by the local bus line (even if you shouldn’t worry too much about finding a quiet beach as they aren’t as crowded as the ones on other islands). As previously mentioned you can also choose to rent a vehicle in Paros before taking a ferry to Antiparos.

Moving around Antiparos by bus

The bus leaves from the port of Antiparos, in front of Agia Marina, and has two routes:

•Port - Port Cave

•Port - Panaya, Glyfa, Apantina, Soros and Agios Georgios beaches

The timetable and routes may be modified according to the time of the year (high or low season). The price of the ticket is about 1,60 € and can be bought directly on the bus.

Antiparos doesn’t have an airport. The island can only be reached by boat from the bigger island of Paros. There are two ports that connect Antiparos to Paros. Paros’ main port is Parikia where you will find up to 6 ferries a day that will get you to Antiparos in about 30 minutes.

But yet the quickest port from where to reach Antiparos is certainly Pounda, where you will find boats every 15 minutes that will get you to Antiparos in 10 minutes.

How to reach Antiparos after landing in the airport of Paros

If you are coming from Athens you can also choose to fly to the small airport of Paros and from there reach the island’s port where you will catch one of the ferries that constantly travel to Antiparos for the price of 1€. If you also want to bring a car or scooter with you the price is usually around 10 €: here timebles of ferries. No need to book in advance as the timetables for the ferries change according to the season and because all tickets are bought directly at the island’s port.

How to reach Antiparos from the port of Paros

If you reach Paros by ferry or hydrofoil you will find yourself in the port of Parikia. Here you will have to options to choose from:

Catching the ferry that leaves from the port of Parikia in order to reach Paros in 30 minutes at the price of 5 € per person. There are about 6/7 ferries running per day except for the high season when there are a lot more ferries. Unfortunately you can’t bring a car or scooter with you, so if you are travelling with a vehicle we suggest you leave from the port of Pounda as previously described.

Otherwise if you are travelling with your own vehicle or if the ferry leaves after too long you can choose to reach the port of Pounda as previously described.

The small island of Antiparos, like the other islands of the Cyclades, offers everything that a tourist may need during their vacation in Greece. Unfortunately, given the size of the island, there aren’t many big hotels and resorts, but despite this you can still find some very nice hotels owned and managed by local people.

Where to spend the night in Antiparos

Almost all the accommodations can be rented directly on the island by contacting the owners: this will both make sure you obtain a discount and meet the owners of the accommodations before renting a place. There are many solutions to choose from according to your budget and type of accommodation that you are looking for when visiting Antiparos.

Structures where to book

There are many apartments and houses in Antiparos that guarantee comfort and good prices. Renting your own apartment or house will give you the chance to discover the island’s hidden beauties and it’s true essence. On this island time seems to have stopped and it is the ideal destination for someone looking for a relaxing location. Renting your own apartment will also give you the chance to contact directly the owners and get plenty of suggestions on what to do and see on this island.
Hotel e alloggi ad Antiparos quale soluzione? Hotels and accommodations in Antiparos, which to choose?

Villas in Antiparos

Choosing to rent one of the many villas on the island will give you the chance to have a lot more space, privacy and time to spend with your family and friends. This is a luxurious option for people that are looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation far away from the chaos of the main centers.

Studios in Antiparos

A classic option to choose when visiting Greece is to rent a Studios, this is the cheapest solution that you can choose from but despite this many studios are very nice and well-kept by the local people that often live in them during the winter and rent them out to the tourists that visit the island every summer. They are all managed by local families.

Hotels in Antiparos

There is also the chance to stay in a hotel in Antiparos. They are mostly located in the area of the Chora and contrarily to other accommodations they also offer you the alternative of a half pension stay (one meal per day besides the breakfast) besides an all-inclusive offer or just taking breakfast.

Where to book your stay in Antiparos

Probably the best pace where to find an accommodation in Antiparos is the island’s Chora. Here you will find the typical white Greek houses that have blue doors and windows and are you unique to the Cyclades islands. Most villas, especially the more luxurious ones, are located close to Agios Georgios and Soros.

Other great places where to find an accommodation are Sostis and Apantima. If you decide to move around the island by bus you may want to stop in one of the following places as they are all close to a bus station: Panayia, Glyfa, Apantima, Soros and Ayios Yeorgios.

Spending the night in an old windmill

There are also many traditional windmills spread around the island. Not many are actually very old as they seem (in fact most of them were built in the last twenty years) but they have all been built using the same style of construction that was used in the past and are now used as accommodations for tourists. A truly unique experience!

Accommodations in Paros and Antiparos

You can also visit Antiparos while you are staying in the nearby island of Paros. Many people visit Paros to experience the vibrant nightlife that the island offers. For this reason we recommend you choose in advance which of the two islands you would rather visit and choose your destination based on that. Both the islands require at least more than two days to be completely visited.

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