Greece sea and relax

In Greece you can find the sea among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, and often uncrowded beaches even in high season.

Let’s start by saying that the sea in Greece is called the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea: the Aegean wets most of continental Greece and all the islands except the ionian, while the Ionian Sea bathes the Ionian islands and the Continental coasts of the region of Epirus.

The sea of Greece is an intense blue especially in the Aegean: Just think of the view of Santorini, overlooking the sea that has a blue color almost like the night.

Unlike many Mediterranean resorts, between the island and the Hellenic coast it is easy to find the sea that bathes beaches of sand, pebbles or with rocks and rocks also in the same locality, thanks to the variety of nature and landscapes.

Where is the most beautiful sea in Greece?

The most common question we often find ourselves answering is: What is the most beautiful sea in Greece? Or: where to go to Greece to find the best sea? And so, what are the locations with the most beautiful beaches? Is not as easy to answer, and above all to indicate what are the most beautiful beaches in Greece is a difficult task: there are so many.

Let us say instead that many aspects contribute to influencing our decision. Above all the quality of the sea waters and the context in which they are inserted.

Let’s start by saying that it is not only the sea that counts, the beauty of the beach itself, but also the context: it is undoubtedly nice to stay in a hotel in Greece by the sea, look out in the morning and quietly meditate sitting on a terrace while you consume the drink directly in the room and a few minutes later, dive into the blue of the Greek sea. But difficult in such a context to find lonely corners where you can enjoy in silence the beauty of nature. It would therefore lack the right combination of sea and relaxation.

The sea in Greece is still often this too, silence, relaxation and wonders of nature. Of course, you won’t find the clear, transparent waters in Athens, Thessaloniki or in other Greek cities by the sea: it's necessary to move away a lot from urban areas.

Better to go to an island, maybe one of those small and little known, tucked away from the main crowds.

Greek island beaches and Mainland Coast: where to find beautiful sea and relax

Greece is certainly famous for its islands then to the beautiful beaches of the Greek islands. But we must start from the assumption that the islands are all different from each other, by conformation and type of beaches that offer. Finding the ones with the most beautiful sea is a daunting task, but we propose them to you.

We offer you 5 locations among the many beautiful, that have impressed us most for the beauty of the sea.


The sea in Kefalonia is unique: blue with shades of blue depending on the backdrop, but always of a unique brilliance. It’s definitely among the Greek islands with the most beautiful beaches, and suitable for a holiday in Greece by the sea with children, but also for a relaxing holiday.

Just think of the beach of the village of Poros, where you can spend days alone in a really beautiful and clean sea.


The sea in Crete is very beautiful, but be careful not at all spot: although Crete for many boasts the most beautiful beaches of the Greek islands, not always these offer a sea with clear waters. This is because the most tourist spots are more exposed to the passage of boats and the large crowd of tourists, which unfortunately bring a little "dirt" in the sea. Instead, look for less crowded places and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Crete is suitable for many types of tourism: for families, is one of the Greek islands for young people, in addition to being suitable for a tourism for couples, is so great to offer days hidden spots with crystal clear sea suitable for any type of holiday, and local evenings for fun or romantic restaurants, or to spend evenings with children.


The beautiful island of Evia still far from mass tourism. Especially along the east coast, you will find the colors of the sea and a clarity of the waters that you can hardly find in other parts of Greece. This is due to the fact that there are no numbers of other much more famous islands: in Evia sea is really beautiful, and we recommend it as a destination for those who also look for the beauty of nature. Also here you can find the villages in Greece by the sea among the most beautiful and peaceful, where to spend a relaxing holiday but also for you who is looking for the destination for a beach holiday in Greece for families.


The Pelion region is one of the still little known destinations that can boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. And above all, you can admire a sea as clear as few in Greece, between mountains and lush greenery. If you are looking for a holiday of the sea and relaxation, the Pelion is the destination for you.

Why the Pelion is today, and who knows how long, one of the few destinations to go to Greece in the summer avoiding the "crowd" on the beach, where the costs are low starting from the rentals of the houses: for example there are several apartments for rent on the sea at reasonable prices.


It’s one of those islands that we recommend to visit to those who have organized a holiday on the island of Kos, as not included in the circuit of the most popular destinations, but only reachable from the port of Kos. Regardless of the fact that here you will find white sandy beaches and shallow waters, which are undoubtedly the most popular, Pserimos associates the beautiful sea in Greece, nature and relaxation.

Here there are no hotels or a roundup of accommodations overlooking the sea, here there are no cars or motorcycles and scooters whizzing on the asphalt, but only the sea, the silence and the slow rhythm that still characterizes some islands.

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