Poros is the greenest of the Saronic islands and is also the place where modern Greek society was born. An island that is perfect for any type of vacation, both if you love relaxing beautiful beaches or the wonderful vibrant Greek nightlife!

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Plane and Ferry
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Poseidon Temple, Zoodòchos Pigis, Panagitsa Chapel
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The island of Poros is part of the Saronic archipelago. The island is actually made of two smaller islands connected to each other thanks to a bridge. The first island is the most inhabited one and is also the place where the main town that gets its name from the island is located.

The second one is also the biggest and is semi-deserted. There are also many structures to choose from like houses, hotels and apartments. Like most other islands it has a volcanic origin but unlike other ones like Hydra and Egina it is a lot more humid thanks for the presence of a lot of water.

Poros is really close to the Peloponnese. The city of Galatas is only 300 meters away and this makes the island a favourite destination for Greek tourists that come here to spend the weekend. There are many ferries that connect Mycenae and Sparta to the island going through Galatas and the small port of Poros. There are also many hydrofoils that are connected to Piraeus in Athens and to other islands of the Saronic gulf.

Why choose Poros?

If you decide to spend your vacation in Poros you will find a lush green island with many accommodations. There are many hotels, houses and apartments to choose from that are spread throughout the island, especially around Poros city. The lush vegetation offers some useful shelter from the hot summer sun when you are on the beach. 

Most tourists that visit Poros are Greek as it is so close to the mainland. For this reason the tourist season starts as early as April. If you love Greek food there are many restaurants and taverns that serve typical and delicious food. There are many options to choose from when visiting Poros.

A perfect place if you are looking for a relaxing vacation, if you are someone that loves trekking and long walks opr if you are just looking for the greek vibrant nightlife. In Poros there are many things to choose from and you certainly won’t get bored.

The beaches on Poros are considered some of the nicest ones in the Saronic gulf. They aren’t as famous as the beaches in Naxos (Cyclades) or on Crete but they are still very nice and offer an authentic atmosphere. Here you will find many great spots where to spend a relaxing vacation.

Askeli beach

Located near the village from where it gets its name, this beach in the north-eastern part of Poros city has very nice golden fine sand, a crystal clear sea with wonderful blue colours. The beach is perfectly equipped with anything a tourist may need like, beach umbrellas, sunbeds, bars and even beach volleyball courts.
All around there are also bars and taverns that serve cold drinks and food. It can be easily reached by taking a bus from Poros beach.

Russian bay beach

This beach gets its name from the bay that was controlled by the Russians during the 19th century. It is located at about 1,5 km form Neorio beach and is considered by many to be one of the best beaches of the island. The water here is crystal clear with a turquoise colour. The sand is fine and golden and surrounded by a wonderful landscape. The bay is covered in lush vegetation and protected from the Meltemi wind that during the hottest months can be very annoying.

Kalavria beach

Located on the eastern coast of the island there is the coloured and picturesque village of Kalavria with its pebbly beach.
The sea is very calm and crystal clear besides being surrounded by the magnificent bay that gives it an even nicer look. The beach isn’t very well equipped but there is a nice tavern that serves delicious traditional Greek food during the summer. There is a bus line that will take you directly to beach.

Kanali beach

Thanks to its golden sand it is considered the nicest beach of the island. It is also the most crowded and visited, even during the first weekend of May when the rest of the islands are still waiting for the first tourists to arrive and getting everything prepared for the coming summer. It is very close to the city of Poros and it is surrounded by a wonderful bay that will leave you astonished. The waters are crystal clear and have colours that go from light to dark blue with many shades.

Lover’s beach

Considered one of Poros’ nicest beaches, this beach has a sandy shore covered with some white stones and pebbles besides a wonderful crystal clear sea with colours that go from light to dark blue according to the depth of the water. The bay is surrounded by many pine trees, under which you will find a camping site. Lover’s beach is easy to reach as there are many busses that connect the beach to the city. It is also connected to Russian bay.

Megala Neorio beach

Già dal nome si comprende che oltre ad essere una delle spiagge più belle dell’isola di Poros, Megalo Neorio è anche enorme. Vicino alla spiaggia già chiamata di Neorio nella zona Nord-Ovest di Poros, è composta da sabbia dorata con acque anche qui limpide come per tutte le spiagge che costeggiano l’isola. Qui vi troviamo ombrelloni, sdraio e lettini a noleggio, e vi è la possibilità di intraprendere molti sport acquatici e attività sulla spiaggia. È facilmente raggiungibile attraverso un sentiero a piedi dalla spiaggia di Neorio ed è collegata con autobus.
From the name you can understand that besides being one of the nicest beaches in Poros, Megalo Neorio is also one of the biggest beaches in the whole of Greece. In the north-western part of the island, the beach is covered in golden sand and has crystal clear waters that surround it. Here you will find beach umbrellas, sunbeds and many centers where to rent all the equipment for practicing water sports like wind surfing. It can easily be reached by walking through a long path or by getting a local bus.

Neorio beach

It is considered one of the nicest beaches of Poros and it is located north west from the island’s port.
The beach is covered with fine sand and has a crystal clear sea surrounded by many tall pine trees that offer some useful shade during the warmest months of the year. On Neorio beach there is also a water ski school besides many places where to practice different water sports. In the summer, especially in July and August, the beach appears to always be very crowded. There is a bus that will lead you directly to the beach.

Vagionia beach

In the northernmost part of the island, at about 9 km from Poros’ port you will find Vagionia beach. The beach is in a creek and the constant current make them a great place for fishing snorkeling. In fact thanks to the currents there are many fish in this area and for this reason you will see many fishermen and divers. Not far away from the shore you will have the chance to observe the ruins of a city that nowadays is underwater. The beach is covered in a mix of pebbles and sand, it is also surrounded by a lush vegetation made of citrus trees and mediterranean plants. The beach isn’t equipped but there is a small bar that serves fresh drinks and some Greek snacks to eat. It isn’t connected to other beaches of Paros or with the city. It can only be reached by renting a vehicle or by getting a taxi.

What to see and do in Poros? There are different activities and monuments spread throughout the island. In fact the closeness to the Peloponnese gives you the chance to take part in different excursions.

Tour to Poseidon temple

Like on most Greek islands also in Poros you will find a temple. Here you will find Poseidon temple, the island’s god. Unfortunately the temple isn’t in good conditions and most of the columns and monuments are missing. According to historical documents there used to be 30 columns but now there are just the ruins. It is located in the north-eastern part of the island and dates back to the VI century.

The monastery of Zoodòchos Pigis

The monastery of Zoodòchos Pigis (that means “spring of life” in Greek) dates back to the XVIII century and was founded by the bishop Iakovos II. Located on a small hill in the south-eastern part of the island it is definitely worth visiting because of the peaceful and quiet atmosphere you will find there. The island’s waters are sail to have therapeutic properties. If you decide to visit the clock tower you will be surprised by the beautiful landscapes. From the top of the tower you can admire a wonderful view of the Peloponnese landscape, the islands in the Saronic gulf and the bright blue Aegean sea.

Tour of the archeological sites

The closeness to Athens and the Peloponnese will give you the chance to plan some very interesting excursions. Once you have rented one of the many available apartments or hotel rooms you will have the chance to visit the artistic sites and points of interest.

Besides having the chance to visit the city of Athens with its Acropolis or towards Delfi where you admire the wonderful view of the sea. Some of the things you will see in the archeological sites are the theatre of Epidauro, the old city of Mycenae, Corinth and Nafplion.

Water sport rental

Like many other touristic islands you will also have the chance to practice different water sports thanks to the many beaches spread throughout Poros. You can also rent all the equipment for going surfing, canoeing and windsurfing.

Open cinema in Poros

In Poros you have the chance to spend a night out and watch a film in the open cinema in Poros surrounded by the stars. The films are usually in greek or in English.

Boat tour around Poros

When in Poros you can choose to take part in a boat trip around Poros coast. There are different routes to choose from and visit the island’s in the Saronic gulf with their beautiful beaches and hidden creeks.

Moving around Poros? Better moving around by bus or renting a vehicle? Let’s see all the alternatives you can choose from. The local bus lines run from the 1st of June to the 15th of September, leave from the port and cost around 1,70 €. During the rest of the year there are a lot less busses. During high season the busses reach the island’s most important villages and beaches.

Renting a car or motorbike on the island

If you want to be a bit more independant you can choose to rent a vehicle. You can choose between renting a car (prices range from 18,00 €/day during low season to 30,00 €/day during high season)or renting a quad/motorbike (prices range from 15,00 €/day during low season to 24,00 €/day during high season).

Getting a taxi or taxi boat

On the island of Poros there are about ten taxis that run between June and September. Most of them leave from the island’s port. Unfortunately it isn’t a cheap option and if you take a taxi every day the price might go up by quite a bit. If you want to save a bit of money you may want to combine a taxi with a bus ride. If you can’t find a bus or taxi this is the number you are going to want to deal (+30) 22980-23003. You can also easily move around the island by sea, in fact you will find boats that leave on a daily basis from the port of Poros and will take you to the beaches of Mikro Neorio – Megalo Neorio – Bay of love and to Galatas.

The island of Poros doesn’t have an airport. But the closeness to the coast and to Athens make it a lot simpler to reach than many other islands. In fact you can even reach it by bus. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

Reaching Poros by ferry from Athens

You should first fly to Athens and reach the port of Piraeus before taking a ferry for Poros’ port. The ferries are of the company “hellenic seaways”, they run about 5 times a week on a daily basis and the journey lasts about 1h. The price for the ferry is about 50-60 €. Otherwise you can take a ferry run by the company Saronic ferries, these ferries only leave twice a week and take about 2h and a half to reach Poros.

Reaching Poros by bus from Athens

Poros can be easily reached by bus from Athens. If you arrive in the Greek capital by plane, you will have to move from the airport to the bus station of Kifissos (take a taxi or the X93 bus from the airport to the bus station). Taking a bus for Galatas will take 2 hours and a half hours at the price of 16,70 € (if you buy a double-ticket you will pay 25,00 €). Once in Galatas you will take the ferry that in 10 minutes will take you to Poros. Busses leave every 15 minutes between 6 in the morning and midnight, and every half hour between midnight and six o’ clock in the morning.

In Poros you will find different types of accommodations with different styles and prices. Most of the accommodations and hotels are located in Poros city and kalavria, the two biggest and most important towns of the island. Staying in one of these two towns you will be able to explore most of the island and easily reach the most remote areas as this is where you will find most of the busses that run on the island and take tourists daily to visit wonderful beaches and landscapes.

Where to stay in Poros

In Poros city, Askeli beach and in the Peloponnese mountains you will find wonderful hotels with swimming pools, balconies and beautiful views of the Saronic gulf besides delicious restaurants. On the shore of Poros’ main port besides the many bars and taverns you will also find an elegant hotel built in neoclassical style.

In a quiet spot of Troizina there is a nice resort with a wonderful view of the sea. Last but not least at about 1,5 km from Poros city in the bay of Askeli you will find one of the island’s best hotels that offer a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.

Apartments and studios in Poros

Like previously said for the island’s hotels most of the apartments and studios in Poros are located near Poros city and Kalavria, but there are also many spread throughout the island’s center and coast. Most of the apartments that can be rented in Poros are houses that local people or athenians rent during the high season for tourists looking for an accommodation.

Like in most Greek islands there are also many studios in Poros, most of these are located in the island’s inhabited centers but there are also other ones in the island’s coast and center. The cheapest ones are certainly the ones in the island’s center and most rural areas.

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