Angistri means crystal clear waters, narrow roads and alleys full of pine trees. An island that is great if you love excursions and long walks, people on Angistri are extremely friendly and will help you with anything you need!

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The island of Angistri is part of the Argosaronic archipelago between the peninsula of the Peloponnese and the island of Egina which is one of the gulf’s biggest islands. Angistri is the smallest of the Argosaronic islands and has a population of a bit more than a thousand people (1040 people according to a 2011 census) resulting in a classic quiet and peaceful Greek island.

The island of Angistri is connected directly to Piraeus (Athens) through ferries or taxi boats that reach the island directly or through Egina. Angistri also has two main ports: the port of Skala where ferries stop and the newer port of Mylos (Megalochori) where you will only find hydrofoils.

Why choose Angistri?

Angistri is the ideal destination if you are looking for a wild and unique island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea where to enjoy a relaxing vacation surrounded by a beautiful sea and exploring the other nearby islands. T

he island has become a lot more touristy in the last few years even if it certainly hasn’t got anything to do with the bigger and more famous islands that are visited every summer by tens of thousands of people. Being so close to Athens and so easy to reach it is a favourite for Greek tourists that come from the mainland and cities to this island for the weekend. The island is green and lush as the vegetation covers almost completely the whole island, giving it a very unique appearance.

There are many different structures like houses, apartments and hotels to choose from besides some fabulous beaches. The economy is based on agriculture and tourism like in most other Greek islands. Being so lush it is the perfect destination for someone looking for a relaxing vacation surrounded by nature.

For example you can decide to take part in an excursion to see the island’s forests and wildlife that can be found throughout the island’s coasts. You can also decide to explore the island with a boat, either by renting one or by taking part in an organized trip on a taxi boat (from 10 to 150 people).

Angistri is an explosion of green natural beauties surrounded by tropical like beaches with wonderful creeks. There are many olive and pine trees besides wild flowers. Here is a selection of the main beaches you are going to find when visiting Angistri.

Apònissos beach

A spectacular beach covered in white sand, it is located on a small island right in front of Angistri and the two are connected by a narrow bridge. Apònissos beach thanks to its white sand and shallow seabed is the perfect place to relax and rent a sunbed or beach umbrella while sipping a cocktail from the nearby bars.

There is also a tavern that besides serving delicious plates also has a wonderful panorama that you will enjoy from the beach. There is also a very nice small island called Dorousa, located in front of Apònissos beach, where the seabed becomes deeper. There is also a nice church on top of a hill near the beach.

Bariama beach

If you want to reach this beautiful corner of Agistri you are going to have to take one of the taxis you can find on the island as there aren’t any busses to reach it directly. The road for reaching this beach is very nice and surrounded by a lush vegetation. Being so isolated and not very crowded it might be difficult to find a guide that can show you where the beach is. A perfect place for someone looking for peace and quietness. It is recommended to bring food and drinks from home.

Chalikiada beach

Near Skliri beach at about 2 km from Skala you will find Chalikiada beach, one of the best (if not the best) beaches of the island. Reaching it can be difficult, but once there you will surely enjoy it. It can be reached by following a narrow path located on the side of a hill and from where you can observe the sea from high above.

The beach is covered in a mix of sand and pebbles. The only negative thing is that during the high season the beach is often full of tourists that decide to spend the night there in their tents. The beach is very quiet, protected and isolated.

Dragonera beach

Once you pass some pine tree woods you will reach a beach covered in pebbles. The seabed is completely covered in sand with no rocks or pebbles. The trees from far away seem to almost touch the waters for how close the pine trees are to the beach. Also here you will find sunbeds, beach umbrellas and a small tavern. There is also a local bus that will get you at about 500 meters from the beach at least twice a day.

Magiza beach

Carrying on north after Apònissos you will find Magiza,that can only be reached on foot after a ten minutes walk going through the path that from the cemetery of Agios Nikolaos takes to a green and lush part of the island. The beach is very isolated and can be easily reached. A lovely and quiet beach where to spend a relaxing day.

Mariza beach

From the small village of Limenaria if you carry on towards the church with the golden dome and once having faced down the hill you will see the beautiful beach of Mariza that is located on a creek where time seems to have stopped. Here you will find some beautiful seabeds that are perfect for snorkeling or diving. We suggest you to go swimming before the first few hours of the afternoon as after 15.00 the currents make the water slightly murky on this side of the island.

Megalochori beach

Carrying on from Skala beach you will find this sandy beach that also has a part covered in pebbles that is famous for the octopus fishermen that go there. This is a corner fully equipped with beach umbrellas, sunbeds and a few taverns where to eat some delicious Greek food. Even though there are many taverns, apartments and hotels nearby the beach that during the summer are often very crowded.

Skala beach

Known as the most famous and important beach of Agistri this sandy beach is located near the island’s port. Even though there is a port near there the quality of the water is perfect with a turquoise colour like most other islands in the Aegean sea. The beach is exposed to the sun all day and is equipped with beach umbrellas, sunbeds and a few bars where to have a nice fresh drink. The waters aren’t very deep and are perfect for families and people that just want to relax by the beach or sit in the shallow waters enjoying life.

Skliri beach

This is the perfect beach if you are looking for adventure. If you want to reach it you will have to follow a path that starts in the village of Skala (from Skala's main street you will have tom move east where you will find a barren road with the sign "Skliri beach", from there after a short walk you will find some stairs that take directly to the beach).

The beach is very small and almost completely covered in rocks. Since the island is located in the north eastwern coast it only receives direct sun during the morning and the first hours of the afternoon. Nearby you will also find some houses and buildings built in the classic Cycladic style.

The island of Angistri has many activities to choose from, all of these are tied in with both the sea and nature on the island. There are also many organized trips that will take you to visit the other islands in the Saronic Gulf (Hydra, Poros, Egina and Salamina).

Included in the boat trip there is also a grilled meal that is consumed on board or on one of the beaches you will visit. The central part of Angistri is also very beautiful and is definitely worth visiting.

Water sports and equipment rental

In Angistri there are many places where to rent all the necessary equipment for practicing water sports like canoeing, surfing, kayaking and windsurfing.

Snorkeling and diving centers

The seabed surrounding Angistri offers some spectacular and unique diving experiences. If you love diving the diving centers will give you the chance to practice this sport regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional.

When moving around Angistri you can choose between a local bus line that reaches the main parts of the island, renting a vehicle or taking a taxi. The busses leave from the island’s port and run from 8 o’ clock in the morning to 7 o’ clock at night.

Renting a car or scooter in Angistri

On the island you will have the chance to rent a car or a scooter. Prices range from 18,00 € to 35,00 € per day during high season. On the island unfortunately there is only one petrol station so remember not to drive around without plenty of petrol. By renting a vehicle you will have the chance to fully enjoy every corner of the island.

Moving around the island with a taxi boat

There is also the chance to move around the island with a taxi boat. This will give you the chance to reach the main parts of the island and some of the nicest hidden beaches that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach!

The first place where you will arrive when visiting Angistri is certainly the port as the island doesn’t have an airport. For getting to Angistri there is a ferry company that connects almost all the islands in the Saronic gulf. Every day there are ferries that leave from Athens and get you to Angistri in about 2 hours.

The company is called Saronic Ferries, the ferries run twice a day and the journey lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you want to get there quicker you can always choose to take a motorboat of the company Hellenic seaways. This option is a bit more expensive than the previous one and there are more than 4 ferries running a week.

Angistri is also connected to the nearby island of Aegina thanks to a daily taxi boat that runs up to 4 times a day and will get you from one island to the other in about 10 minutes. The price is about 6 € and the taxi boats connect the port of Skala to the port of Mylos. Another good solution for reaching Angistri may be: take a flight to Athens, from there take a train/bus to the port of Piraeus and taking a ferry from there. If you want more information about the Athens international airport and about Piraeus you can find them here.

Even if the island is really small In Agistri you will find many studios, apartments, villas and hotels. The hotels are spread throughout the island but most are located near Skala and Megalochori and are usually a bit more expensive than the typical greek studios.

Where to stay in Agistri

Many hotels in Agistri are managed by families and offer rooms with a modern design that will instantly make you feel at home. Many of them are located just by the beach and have wonderful rooms besides a wonderful view on the Aegean sea.

On Skala’s most famous beach you will find one of the first hotels that were opened on the island, this hotel was built in the sixties and since then has always been famous. It is also very well equipped for families and big groups.

Apartments and studios in Agistri

Renting a studios or an apartment is a cheaper solution compared to renting a hotel room, especially if you are planning a vacation with a large number of people. Many apartments that can be rented in Agistri are owned by Athenians that live on the mainland during the winter and move on this tiny island during the tourist season.

You can find a deal with one of the local people and sometimes even get a discount. There are also some apartments that can be rented in the island’s center. The studios are the cheapest solution of all and are spread throughout the coast and even in the island’s center where the prices are even lower.

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