Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is less known than the islands but no less beautiful and fascinating. There are many seaside resorts with beaches that have nothing to envy to the islands, as well as inland areas with mountains and ancient villages.

Welcome to Greece. That Mainland Greece with the charm of history and culture, the ancient ruins faded by the sun, the taste of feta and ouzo and the warm hospitality of the Greeks. Not just beaches and sea. In this Greece we discover riches of nature to admire and contemplate in the most unexpected places as few countries in the world have found a way to combine past, present and future like Greece.

Why choose Mainland Greece?

Greece is first and foremost ideal for those who love outdoor activities. Take cobbled paths from the Byzantine era, explore volcanoes, spot dolphins and sea turtles and cycle through lush forests. You will also discover exceptional sites for kitesurfing, diving and rock climbing, or you can simply choose to jump on a boat and sail in the sparkling blue of the Aegean.

Then visit places of worship is priceless in Greece. Places where Olympic athletes competed, monasteries to be admired on top of the Meteors. Contemplate the grandiose beauty of Delphi and witness the representation of a tragedy under the stars in an ancient theater.

And don't underestimate the kitchen . Proud of their cooking, the Greeks go out of their way to ensure that guests get up satiated. The pungent taste of tzatziki and the aroma of grilled souvlaki are just the beginning. Taste the whole range of regional cheeses, abandon yourself to the rich layers of mousaka and savor the sparkling wine produced with grapes ripened under the warm Mediterranean sun.

The Greeks then immediately welcome the new arrivals with open arms, whether it's drinking a coffee or a glass of ouzo, singing in chorus to the sound of the bouzouki or participating in a heated discussion. They are a passionate people and life is lived in its maximum fullness.

Attractions not to be missed

Once in Greece, depending on the stage or itinerary chosen, there are then attractions not to be missed . We mention some of the most important that you can write down according to your goal.

The Acropolis of Athens , which has always been a symbol of western civilization, is a spectacular place. The beauty and glorious power of the Acropolis speak to each generation.

The Meteors , which you will never forget the first time you see them. Majestic rock pillars that rise to the sky, crowned at the top by a handful of monasteries.

Ancient Delphi , where you can catch the magic of the first rays of the sun on the Temple of Athena Pronaia in Delphi, the navel of ancient Greece. Of the magnificent temple only three columns remain, however sufficient to make the imagination fly.

Athens , fantastic mix of ancient and modern. Behind the majestic facades of classical monuments, the city teems with life and creativity. Galleries and clubs host exhibitions, shows and installations resulting from the effervescent artistic panorama.

The Chalkidiki peninsula, in Mainland Greece which offers splendid beaches, a paradisiacal sea, night life, camping sites and interesting historical sites. Kassandra in the summer teems with outdoor discos and lively beaches, while Sithonia is quieter and offers almost deserted sandy beaches.

Mount Athos , in Halkidiki, with its monasteries, where Byzantine rites have survived for more than 1000 years.

Excursions in the Mani , a magical place. For centuries the region has been ruled by feudal families who have contributed to the development of the typical Maniota culture. This territory attracts hikers from all over the world. From rugged rocky plateaus to remote green oases, from small taverns where fish is cooked to austere stone houses, this patch of land in the Peloponnese deserves to be explored.

Thessaloniki , the liveliest city in northern Greece thanks also to the university, the cultural and artistic scene and nightlife.

Ancient Olympia , theater of the first Olympic Games dedicated to Zeus, one of the most beautiful and important sites in all of Greece.

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