Epirus is the westernmost region of Greece with a mountainous interior and the coast overlooking the Ionian Sea, where there are numerous coastal resorts easily accessible directly by ferry.

Epirus is located in the north-western part of Greece, between the mountain chain of Pindo and the Ionian sea. The landscape is a mix of high mountains and wonderful views of the sea. The whole area is surrounded by mountains with streams and rivers on which you will see some amazing bridges made of stones. Then there are valleys and lush plains in the northern and southern part of the island.

The climate on the coast is very moderate while if you go towards the inside of the island the climate becomes colder and damper as rain falls more frequently. Epirus is considered a place for “alternative tourism”. The mountain chain of Pindo with its large forests, the mountain lakes (drakolimnes-lakes of the dragons), wild hills and many activities to choose from (trekking, jogging, skiing and mountain biking) are just some of the things you will find in this region.

Having also many rivers you can also choose to take part in activities such as: kayaking, rafting and canoeing. Last but not least in the region there are also many archeological sites, castles, monasteries, churches and traditional villages.

What to see in Epirus

In a region with such a different landscape there are many things to see. Ioannina, its main city, is a wonderful town by the water that became famous during the XIX century when the Ottoman emperor Ali Pasha decided to move here. In the fortress city and on the small island in the middle of the lake you will find many mosques, fortresses, museums and the place where Ali Pasha was killed.

There are 46 villages in the region and these became very rich during the XVII and XIX centuries and nowadays you can still see the many beautiful buildings that were built there during those years. The most beautiful villages are Vitsa, Koukouli and Papingo. All three of them have lovely taverns that used to be local houses before being transformed in places for tourists.

Beaches in Epirus

Most of the territory of Epirus is covered in mountains despite from the western part that borders with the Ionian sea. On the region’s coast you will find wonderful beaches, nice cities and restaurants that attract many tourists each year. Parga and Sivota are the two most famous localities in Epirus, both of them are located close to the beaches of Valtos, Lichnos and Bella Vraka. There are also some very popular beaches near Preveza like Ammoudia and Kastrosykia. Being very close to the port of Igoumenitsa it can be easily reaches from Italy and many other European countries.

How to get to Epirus

The two airports of Epirus can be found in Ioannina and Preveza/Aktion. The airport of Ioannina only receives national flights from Athens. The airport of Aktion/Preveza is an international airport, only open during the summer and receives charter flights from other countries. Otherwise you can always take a ferry: The biggest port in Epirus in Igoumenitsa that receives ferries from Italy and from the islands of Corfù and Paxos.

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