Delphi is the ancient Greek city famous for the Oracle of the God Apollo, where today you can admire the archaeological site in particular the theater and the Temple of Apollo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Delphi and old Delphi, the city of the oracle, where history and mythology mix together giving the people the visit it the chance to experience the true Greek atmosphere. Delphi is an important archeological site and the place where you will find the famous oracle dedicated to the God Apollon. The city is located close to a cliff at the bottom of mount Parnaso. According to Greek mythology this was considered the center of the world.

What to see

Old Delphi is one of Greece’s most important archeological sites. It is protected by UNESCO, located in the gulf of Corinth and surrounded by cypresses and olive trees. The site can be accessed by paying a ticket but timetables often change so you may want to check in advance. The ideal time for visiting it is early in the morning in order to avoid the heat and crowds of tourists.

There are different tours to choose from and you can even have a guide to accompany you. Once there you will see the sanctuary dedicated to God Apollon. This was built in Doric style and inside it used to be the perpetual flame and many other important monuments. There is also a monument dedicated to king Argo, the Bouleuterion, the theater from the IV century B.C. still perfectly preserved that offers wonderful views.

The old stadium is the best preserved stadium in the whole of Greece. Then there are the springs of Castalia where pilgrims used to dive and get purified before consulting the oracle. The Gymansium (which in Greek means Gym), the sanctuary of Atena Pronaia and the temple dedicated to her are some of the other attractions that you can see in Delphi. There is also Delphi’s museum, open from 8 to 20 during the summer and from 8 to 14 during winter. In this museum you will find many objects from Delphi’s past.

Last but not least we recommend you visit the Sphinx of Naxos and the column of Acanto. The city is both modern and vibrant and offers any service a tourist may need. Being located on a cliff the main roads are connected by steep stairs. It is the ideal destination for people who like going trekking and on long walks thanks to the many routes that go from Delphi to many other small towns and villages.

These routes are part of the Trans European E4. There are two routes to choose from, and both of them will ensure that you admire the landscape of Delphi, Amfissa and Galaxidi: The route of Korikio Antro that connects the temple of Apollon to Korikio Antro, a sanctuary cave located on the side of the mountain. Inside it there is a natural theater created by the stalactites and stalagmites over the course of centuries. If you visit it remember that the ground can be very slippery so it might be a good idea to take some excursion shoes. The route from Delphi to Kira (old Cirra) lasts 4 hours. At the end of the path you will find a beach where to go swimming and cool off after the long walk.

How to get to Delphi

Delphican be reached from Italy by taking a flight to Athens and carrying on from there with a hired car. Otherwise you can take a bus that will take you to Thessaloniki, Larissa and Petrasso. The busses are very efficient and work well but during the summer we recommend you buy the ticket the day before as otherwise you may not find place on the bus the day after. All busses in Delphi are run by one company and leave from the station of Vasileos Pavlou Friderikis (the main street of the town).

Where to spend the night in Delphi

This locality in Greece is located in Sterea Ellada and has many places where to spend the night to choose from. There are many hotels spread throughout the island, some of the are more expensive while other ones are a lot cheaper. There are also many studios and apartments that can be rented. Last but not least there are also 2 or 3 camping sites located 3 km west from the town.

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