Arki and Marathi

Arki and Marathi are the most remote and calmer islands of the Dodecanese, here the smell of mirtle mixes with the quietness of the island and there is a higher number of goats than of people.


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Arki, Marathi
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Arki and Marathi are two islands of the Dodecanese perfect for a solitary vacation. During summer they are common attractions for tourists who visit the islands for the day before heading back to their hotels and leaving this empty island where you can really appreciate the sound of the waves and wind.


If you decide to spend the night there you will be able to have a “Robinson Crusoe” experience discovering the real Greek atmosphere.

Located slightly north from Lipsi and Patmos, facing the turkish coast these tiny islands (Arki is less than 6 square kilometers) count less than 50 people during winter, all these people live by the port and are fishermen, shepherds and farmers.

Marathi can only be reached passing from Arki, this is attached to the islands of Kos, Lipsi, Patmos and Samos. In particular the islands of Patmos, and lipsi have daily planned routes for moving around the islands, another option is to ask for a “lift” to the local fishermen.

Why choose Arki and Marathi?

If your wish is to visit the most remote and relaxing islands of the Dodecanese, where the smell of the myrtle mixes with total silence and the number of goats is way higher than the number of humans these islands are the right place for you!

One suggestion: Since moving around and getting to the islands can require quite a bit of time we suggest to visit Arki and Marathi quite a few days before leaving as you may lose your flight or ferry because of bad weather or insufficient transports.

The only inhabited area of the island is the port of Arki, while there is nobody inland except from some beautiful hills and beaches. At Arki there aren’t any post offices or banks. You can visit the church of Metamorfosi, from the top of which you will see an astonishing view. 

Out of all the islands, that are around Arki, Marathi is the biggest. But also here the population is concentrated in the buildings next to the port (only 3 people live on this island all year round). Another point of interest is the white church of the island.

The strong point of these islands are certainly the sandy beaches that can be reached on foot following the paths that go to the sea. There aren’t any taverns nearby and this adds an extra touch of privacy to this wonderful island. Before leaving for one of the island’s beaches, remember that you will have to be well equipped as you won’t find any taverns or bars which means you won’t be able to buy any food or water.


Tiganakia beach

Located in the southern coast of Arki, it can be reached from an easy path and all you will find many goats and dolphins on this beautiful beach. During the summer there are many tourist boats that come and visit Tiganakia beach (especially from Patmos, in fact it is one of the suggested activities while you are on Patmos).

Limnari beach

A very quiet beach with a lot of shade provided by the many trees that surround the beach, ideal for snorkeling passionates.

These two tiny Greek islands seem to not have changed at all in the centuries. They are the ideal destination for someone that wants to experience the true Greek atmosphere. Unfortunately there aren’t many activities to choose from a part from visiting the magical beaches and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.


On this island the best way to move around is certainly on foot, this will give you the chance to explore all the island’s creeks and hidden beaches. Around the islands you will some small tavern that serve some truly delicious traditional Greek food. In the evening there aren’t any nightclubs or bars unfortunately.

Except on the 23rd of August when the island celebrates “Panigiri”, an event where both locals and tourists take part and have fun. It is organized every year on this day.

On these islands you won’t find any cars, motorbikes or taxis. So how can you move around Arki and Marathi? The best way to move around this island is certainly on foot (also given the small size of the island).

We recommend you take some comfortable shoes in order to fully appreciate the island’s atmosphere and long paths. To move from one island to another you can use some taxi boats or small gulets that are used by locals during the summer for transporting tourists. The best way to fully appreciate the island’s coast.

There are no airports on these islands but between June and September they can be reached by flying to Samos, Kos or Rhodes. Ferries from these islands land at Arki, but not at Marathi. Marathi is reached by small boats from Arki. During the summer, tourist boats from Lipsi and Patmos serve both islands for day trips and longer stays.

There aren’t many accommodations and hotels in Arki and Marathi, but you can spend the night in one of the many taverns as long as you book with plenty of advance as there aren’t many of them.

Here you can find rooms to rent, B&Bs, studios and apartments that can be rented directly from the local people. Here there isn’t any mass tourism and for this reason there aren’t many accommodations to choose from.

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