Experience the unknown and discover the Greek culture with our tours in Greece. Choose a guided tour or book a sailing trip to Greek islands, land tour or water activities, or plan your own custom tour with us.

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Experiences in greek islands

Explore the beautiful Greek islands on a private tour, or join us on one of our daily trips to see all that the islands have to offer. From relaxing cruises, day excursions and water activities to extreme adventures like hiking, mountain biking and caving - whatever your preference, we have something for you. 

You can explore the beautiful Greek islands and experience the magic of Greece. Hire a boat in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and discover hidden beaches and coves. Whether you're in search of cultural, history or adventure, our experiences give you the opportunity to explore these unforgettable destinations like never before.

The journey through Greek islands is a very organized sailing trip, touring the best Greek destinations in the Cyclades, Sporades and Dodecanese. It includes all the important sights you can visit on your own but will get to know them better with a local who will also give you historical insights on how they came to be.

Experiences in Greek history

Travel to Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization. Relax on the famous islands or participate in a variety of activities such as sailing, cycling and hiking. Delos is the birthplace of the Ancient Greek God Apollo, and is considered the sacred island at the centre of the Cyclades due to its historical significance.

Delos was once dedicated to Apollo and Athena, and has a long history marked by many significant moments such as when it served as refuge during the Persian Wars.

The island is located in the middle of Mykonos, Paros and Naxos. In ancient times, there were once three villages on Delos: Hyagnis, Santerna and Atymnos. It was considered dangerous to sail close to Delos due to hidden rocky reefs nearby which could wreck ships without warning. Today, however, there are no longer any inhabitants on Delos as most people have abandoned their houses over time and nowadays only handfuls of people continue living there

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