Milos is the westernmost island of the Cyclades and it also one of the most known and appreciated islands of the archipelago. Home of the Venus de Milos it is an island full of colours with nice beaches and a lovely landscape.

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Milos is a volcanic island considered by many the “island of colours” because of the many shades that the rocks around the island and it is also famous for its traditional houses facing on the sea. Tourism is constantly growing,also because there is an airport on the island even if there aren’t any direct international flights for Milos. On this island you’ll be able to admire: the traditional syrmas, the mineral caves and the remains of the first christian village in the Cyclades.

The best option for reaching Milos is to take the ferry from Santorini or the ferry from Athens (the ferry leaves from the port of Piraeus). You can also get the plane from Athens but tickets are quite expensive and often completely sold after a short time.

Why choose Milos?

If you choose to take a vacation in Milos you will find yourself in another dimension compared to the other Cyclades islands. If you arrive with the ferry from santorini you will notice how much the volcanic activity has modified the island. Milos is part of a series of Volcanoes that lay under water, the different volcanic activities in different times are what contributed to give the islands it’s famous colours. Also Antimilos, Kimolos and Poliegos are part of these volcanic islands.

Once upon a time Kimolos was fused with Milos but an earthquake thousands of years ago separated the two islands. The volcanic activity has now stopped but it’s effects are still clearly visible. Milos has a typical horseshoe shape and the gulf is right in the center of the island.

The northern and eastern sides of the island has plenty of villages and well kept roads. In the southern part there are a lot of sites for extracting minerals, the roads there are also well kept but you won’t be able to visit most of the area as it is under strict surveillance. On the western side of the island the extracting sites are all abandoned, there are less houses and the roads aren’t in very good conditions.

You can reach the beaches on this side of the island by renting a boat or a jeep that you will be able to rent on the island

The northern coast offers lots of beaches and here you will found Pollonia (located in the northernmost part of the island, in front of Kimolos) where you can book and find a place to stay for the night besides nice fish restaurants. All the hotels are concentrated in the northern part of the island so that the internal gulf doesn’t get too full during summertime when there are a large number of tourists.

From Pollonia you can easily reach the extracting sites and the beaches on the eastern side. In all of the small villages you will always feel welcome thanks to the many bars and taverns open until late at night with Greek music playing in every street!

Milos is one of the biggest islands and the length of its coasts offers many different beaches that will make anyone happy. The volcanic rocks are rich in minerals and can have many shades and colours that make the surrounding landscape even more fascinating.

You will have the chance to take some wonderful pictures as there are rocks that go directly into the water creating a unique landscape. Some of the beaches can only be reached by boat and are accessible by sea. For the rest of the beaches we suggest you rent a vehicle and explore as much of Milos as possible.

Agathia beach

A sandy beach with turquoise waters located on the north-western part of the island. A quiet and isolated island that is ideal for someone looking for peace. The area surrounding the beach has a typical wild landscape that isn’t very lush.

Agia Kyriaki beach

Agia Kyriaki is easily accessible and its sand is mostly made of shell remains. In this area there are many bars on the beach where you will experience the true greek party atmosphere. It is one of Milos’ nicest beaches. It offers many services like beach beds, beach umbrellas, aquatic sports and clubs that are near the beach.

Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis è divisa in tre piccole spiaggette. Dopo 12 km di strada sterrata arriverete alla prima caletta e per raggiungere le altre due dovrete camminare un po’, anche scendere lungo il costone roccioso nel terzo caso. E' una spiaggia non attrezzata. Agios Ioannis is divided into 3 small beaches. After 12 km of dirt road you will reach the first small beach while if you want to reach the other 2 you will have to walk a lot longer. Unfortunately the beach isn’t very equipped.

Ammoudaraki beach

Ammoudaraki is a sandy bay with turquoise waters located on the western part of the island. An ideal island for someone looking for peace and quietness. The beach can be accessed both through a road from Ambourio or by boat. Very isolated and not equipped with any service or comforts.

Firopomatos beach

A beautiful long and sandy beach located on the northern part of the island. A lot of people visit this beach to see the traditional Syrmas, the traditional fishermen houses of the island). The coast is very small and the only bar of the beach spoils a bit the peaceful atmosphere. A perfect place for fishermen and divers.

Kleftiko beach

Kleftiko beach has many volcanic rocks, a constant wind and it is located in the south-western part of the island. The landscape is extraordinary and it is covered with white rocks besides having many underwater caves with turquoise waters.

Paliochori beach

Visiting the south coast is suggested when the Meltemi wind is very strong. Paleochori is the first and biggest sandy beach you will find in the area. Here there aren’t many apartments but there are some traditional restaurants where to try the typical Greek food.

Papakinou beach

Located near the port there are two small limbs of sand where you will have the chance to spend a quiet and relaxing day. Having said this Greek islands are made to be explored so we suggest moving to other nicer beaches as this is very close to the port and doesn’t offer the best of views.
It is ideal for small children as the seabed isn’t very deep and there are many trees that offer cover from the heat during the hottest months of the year.

Plathiena beach

Plathiena is a sandy beach that has turquoise waters and it is located in the northern part of the island, just outside Milos’ gulf. Far away from a chaotic atmosphere you will be able to enjoy this small beach.

Provatas beach

This beach is located in a crowded area and it is often full of families with kids as the beach is very long and the waters don’t become deep before many meters. The beach’s sand colour goes from red to golden as there are many metallic minerals in the rocks around the beach.

Sarakiniko beach

Sarakiniko has one of the most unique landscapes of the mediterranean area. White perlite cliffs enter the sea creating a wonderful colour contrast that you will remember forever. There isn’t any vegetation and the white rocks reflect the light in an incredible way. An ideal location to admire the full moon and to spend a couple holiday or a honeymoon.

Sarakiniko gets its name from the Saracens pirates that used to live on the island at some point, if you decide to visit it we suggest to make sure there isn’t a strong wind pulling from the northern side.

Triades beach

Here you will find three small beaches that are divided by three white cliffs (from where the island gets its name from)
In this private and secret corner of the island full of nature there are also many nudists.

Tsigrado beach

Tsigrado is a perlite beach with surprisingly white sand. It isn’t easy to reach as there is a narrow and sandy path to walk before arriving there. The landscape is fantastic and will make you want to have a swim immediately as you see the turquoise waters of the beach.

Milos is an ideal destination for sailboat passionates. Exploring the marvellous and mysterious bays of Milos by boat is highly recommended as it will be a great opportunity to explore and see many areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. Here are some of the activities you can do in Milos.

Museums to visit

On the island there are many museums like the minerary one in Adamas and the catacombs of Trypiti. Also in Milos there is a kastro (castle) that can be visited besides many small museums that explain the true Greek and local traditions.

The roman theatre in Milos

Despite not being very crowded or famous this is truly one of Milos’ most interesting attractions. The theatre is located near a hill where the “Milos’ Venus” was found. A place that is definitely worth visiting.

Visiting the catacombs

The site is located in the village of Tripiti and unfortunately it can only be partly visited because of the many works that are constantly being done. The price for entering is about 4,00€ and the trip lasts about 15 minutes but hopefully once it opens completely the visit should last longer.

Daily excursions and boat trips

There are many organized trips that will take you to the island of Kimolos or to the nearby caves. You can also explore the island’s coast and find different spots that you wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise. It is also one of the most photographed places in the whole of Greece.

Water sports and canoe renting

If you love water sports this is the perfect island for you as there are many places where to rent equipment and practice water sports. Renting a canoe is also a suggested activity as you will have the chance of exploring the many canoes, creeks and beaches. There are also some very nice diving centers in Adamas and Pollonia.

On the island of Milos the best vehicle that you can choose from is an offroad car, this will give you the chance to reach the most hidden and inaccessible beaches that you would otherwise only be able to reach by boat.

Besides this there are also other alternatives to choose from. A lot more strategic compared to the rental of a scooter since as we said previously the roads used to reach these beaches are often in very bad conditions. Otherwise you can choose a quad but remember that like this you will only be able another person with you.

Moving around Milos by bus or taxi

The local bus line unfortunately doesn’t cover a lot of the island’s areas. For example it doesn’t cover the route to the airport and busses usually run at least every hour or so, for this reason renting a vehicle when visiting Mylos is highly recommended. Another alternative is to take a taxi that will get you to any point of the island without spending too much.

Last but not least you can choose to take a taxi boat, these usually set from Pollonia and Adamas. The price is usually pretty low at around 10 € for 4-5 people.

The island of Milos in a greek island with an airport. You can choose between different options when choosing how to reach Milos. There are flights that reach the island on a daily basis from Athens, otherwise you can choose to take a ferry from Santorini. Here is a list of all the options you can choose from:

Reaching Milos by plane

This is certainly the easiest option to choose from, but it isn’t the fastest. This is because Milos has an airport that only receives certain national flights. For this reason if you want to reach Milos by plane you will have to first stop in Athens’ airport.

After you have reached Athens you will have to take one of the five flights that daily travel from Athens to Milos. This is certainly the best option as it will take you directly to the island.

Reaching Milos from the port of Piraeus (Athens)

If you can’t find the flight from Athens to Milos, or if this is too expensive, you can also choose to take the ferry that will take you from the port of Piraeus to Milos. After having landed in Athens you will have to reach Piraeus where you will take a ferry for Milos.

The ferries are very frequent and you can choose between taking a fast ferry (3 hours trip, 56,00 € - without being able to bring a vehicle with you) or the slower one (8 hours trip, 40,00 €, without being able to bring a vehicle with you). During this trip you will also have the chance to stop in many other islands of the Cyclades.

Reaching Milos from Santorini

Another alternative is to land in Santorini and taking a ferry from there. From the airport you will reach the port of Santorini (check in advance the timetables for your arrival and consider where your ferry will be leaving from.

With the slow ferry it will take you 4h and 20m while with the hydrofoil you will reach it in just a few hours, but of course it will be more expensive. The price for the ferry ticket is around 55,00 €. Milos is also well connected to other islands of the Dodecanese, especially Karpathos and Crete. Unfortunately the ferries don’t run every day. Check here the timetables.

The island of Mylos has many options to choose from when deciding where to spend the night. In each centers there are different options of hotels almost all located between the port and the outside of the small village.

Where to spend the night in Milos

The prices on Milos are slightly higher than on other islands in the Cyclades (except from Mykonos and Santorini that have always been more expensive).

Milos, Greece and traditional houses

Plaka, Kilma and Trypiti have numerous apartments and as previously said the ones in Klima are particularly unique. There is also a camping site that is reached by the local bus line and is well equipped with everything you may need during a relaxing holiday.

Hotels in Milos

The hotels in Milos are mostly located in the island’s main village and there are different options to choose from. In Milos many hotels have a wonderful view and are spread throughout the island.

Apartments to rent in Milos

Most apartments can be found near Pollonia, Plaka, Adamas and the other main centers of the island. If you decide to book an apartment for your vacation remember to check where it is located, especially if you haven’t rented a scooter or a car. The risk is that you may not be very close to one of the many bus stops spread around the island.

Fishermen’s houses in Milos

In Milos you will also find the iconic fishermen’s houses that are mostly located near the villages of Klima, Firopotamos and Mandraki. Spending a vacation here means experiencing the true traditional greek atmosphere. If the prices are to high we suggest you only spend a few days there before moving to a smaller and cheaper island.

Studios on the island of Milos

Besides renting a room or an apartment you can also decide to spend the night in a fisherman’s house or in a hotel room. If you like camping there is also a camping site located near the village of Achivadolimni.

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