Saronic Islands

The Argosaronic islands are part of the Aegean sea and are located between the Attica peninsula and the north-eastern coasts of Peloponnese peninsula. These islands are very popular for daily visits during the summer and especially during the weekends. This usually happens because these are the closest islands to Athens.

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Egina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses have developed a lot in the last few years while Angistri still isn’t very famous even it if it is definitely worth visiting it. The beaches have crystal clear water and every island has its own and unique characteristics: Poros is famous for sailing, Hydra for architecture, Spetses for the elegant villas and Egina for being a great spot for going on vacation with a family.

The islands that are part of the Argosaronic archipelago:


Large beaches and small creeks

The islands of the Saronic gulf aren’t famous for their beaches but for their spectacular and abundant creeks. The beaches in Egina and Poros are the longest and best organized of all the islands. Agia Marina and Souvala in Egina and Askeli in Poros are the most equipped beaches with many hotels, taverns and water sport centers located just nearby.

The beaches in Hydra, Spetses and Agistri aren’t as equipped as the other islands but have wonderful landscapes and views. Most beaches in Hydra can only be accessed by boat. In Agistri there are beautiful beaches that can be easily reached by taking a bus or by going on foot from the local port.

Accommodations and hotels at reasonable prices

As these are the closest islands to Athens there are many hotels in the Argosaronic islands, these are almost always full during the summer time, especially in weekends. There aren’t many luxurious hotels and most of the accommodations are in fact boutique hotels, studios and family apartments.

Excursions and long walks

When in Egina, don’t miss the chance to take part in a bus tour to the old temple of Athena Afaia located near the ebach of Agia Marina. Also from the small ports of Perdika and Egina it is possible to take part in a boat trip to Moni, an abandoned island with a wonderful beach. This island has been declared a protected area for local wildlife. Another popular in Egina is the monasterie of Saint Nektarios, the island’s saint.

Porosi is very popular between sailors that visit this island for navigating it and anchoring their boats in its coasts. From Hydra you will also have the chance to go and visit the city of Ermioni while from Spetses you can easily reach the city of Port Heli.

The quickest way to reach it? Passing through Athens

By plane: there isn’t an airport in the Argosaronic islands. The closest airport is in Athens and receives both national and international flights all year round. From Athens there are daily ferries that set for the Saronic island.

By ferry: The Saronic islands are the closest destination from Athens and for this reason they are great to visit even during a daytrip if you are staying on the mainland. Hydrofoils are the most common way of reaching these islands.

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